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Cannabiz Intelligence saves time with a single verified source providing accurate data on cannabis and hemp companies and licenses.

Cannabis Financial Analysis Made Easy

Cannabiz Intelligence™ enables effortless financial analysis and reporting by providing all of the verified cannabis and hemp company and license data you need.

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Patient Data, Sales & Pricing

Three dashboards that help you model market growth, predict sales of products impacted by medical marijuana, and assess market dynamics and sizing.
*Only available on the Cannabiz Intelligence Team plan*

Patient data

Over 1,100 months of medical marijuana patient-count data aggregated from 38 states.

Wholesale price of flower


Up to 24 months of volume weighted average aggregate wholesale price – in $/pound and $/gram – for the U.S. sourced from Cannabis Benchmarks®, an independent, unbiased commodity price reporting agency.

State sales data

800 months of medical and adult use sales and production data sourced from 21 states.


Find cannabis and hemp intelligence on companies and licenses, with custom watch list news and alerts.

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Prepare board and pitch presentations with company and license data.

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Track financial positions and export specific data to build your models and develop reports.

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Deal Flow

Discover M&A targets, review transactions, and simulate acquisitions.

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Keeping Score

Monitor leaderboards, valuations, and dashboards.

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