Advanced CRM Features Added to the Cannabiz Media License Database

The Cannabiz Media License Database is a business intelligence tool, email marketing tool, and a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and the latest features added to the Database make tracking deals, managing contacts, monitoring tasks, and automatically sending email messages more efficient and powerful than ever.

Automatic Email Resends

Marketing automation is essential today, and now, you can automatically resend messages through the Cannabiz Media License Database. When you create a list and send an email message, you can tell the system to scan the database for new licenses that meet your criteria on a weekly basis. Your original message will be sent automatically to any matches that are found. You can also schedule your automated messages for a specific period of time, so they stop sending when you want them to.

For example, it’s easy to send introduction messages to contacts on a list that you create and automatically send the same message to any new license holders who match the criteria of your original list in the future. You just set the automatic email resend up once and it runs by itself for as long as you want!

Deal Tracking

The new Deal Tracking feature allows you to follow contacts through your sales funnel.

You can input and update information on the license holder’s record, so it’s easy for your team members to know exactly where each prospect is in the pipeline. You can also see all open deals on the Deals Dashboard as shown in the image below.

Cannabiz Media Database Deals Dashboard List

It’s also easy to assign deals to specific people, monitor progress toward the expected close date that you choose, add tasks and notes to the deal, and more as shown in the image below.

Cannabiz Media Database Deals Dashboard Individual Deal

Adding New Contacts and Editing Existing Contacts

The latest feature rollout enables you to add your own contacts to the Cannabiz Media License Database, so you can manage all of your email marketing in one platform. While the Cannabiz Media License Database already includes information on marijuana license holders, there could be a time when you meet someone specific to a license whom you want to maintain a record of in the Database. Now, you can quickly and easily add that person’s information.

You can also edit existing license holder contacts provided by Cannabiz Media with your own information at any time. As shown in the images below, all contact fields can be edited.

Cannabiz Media Database Edit Contact
Cannabiz Media Database Edit Employment

Assigning Records and Tasks

To support your workflows, you can now assign records to the team members who are responsible for them. For example, if a specific salesperson is responsible for a group of contacts, each of those records can be assigned to that salesperson. In other words, contacts, companies, and licenses can now be “owned” by someone on your team.

In addition, you can create and assign tasks to yourself or other team members, which is extremely helpful in keeping projects on track, boosting productivity, and streamlining processes.

What Do You Think of the New Features?

If you’re already using the Cannabiz Media License Database, let us know what you think of the new features. As you already know from working with the Cannabiz Media team, we listen to all of your feedback, requests, and suggestions and use them to prioritize future development efforts, so don’t be shy!

And if you haven’t tried the Cannabiz Media License Database yet, you can schedule a free demo to see it in action. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Cannabiz Media Newsletter so you don’t miss news and insights about marijuana licensing and future Database updates!

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