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Be prepared for every conversation, every time. With enhanced data and insights from three different angles - cannabis and hemp licenses, the companies that own them, and the people that operate them - it’s like having your own intelligence team briefing on each lead. Backed by real people doing real research, we don’t merely scrape the web. And neither should you.

Let the data speak for itself.
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Locate license holders —the backbone of the cannabis and hemp industry.

License holders command the entire cannabis and hemp supply chain from cultivation and manufacturing, to retail and dispensaries, and everything in between. We track licenses from the moment they first apply so you gain early access to new markets ahead of the competition.

Drill down using dozens of search filters and data points that help you pinpoint your perfect targets. Segment on a hyperlocal level with state scorecards that break down license holders by county and city. Delve beyond contact information with insights on the operation itself so you can focus your messaging to their specific needs.

Start at the top with the companies that own the licenses.

Introduce your product or service not just to the individual licensed locations, but to the companies that run them. Often owning multiple licenses each, approaching the company itself creates potential for greater impact.

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  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Licensed Activities
  • License Locations
  • Executives

Meet the people behind it all.

Connect with the key stakeholders and decision makers powering the cannabis and hemp industry, from executives to growers, marketers to purchasers. Contacts are available for both the individual licensed locations as well as the companies that own them, and are filterable by role as well as searchable by title.

  • Email Address
  • Location
  • Role
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media
  • Related Licenses

"Cannabiz Media does the research for our sales teams so they can focus on selling. It allows team members to hone in on specific areas and contact people who may not have been on our radar or whose contact information we couldn’t have gotten otherwise."

— Chaz Hermanowski, Grove Bags

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You simply must see the data to believe it.

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