Cannabiz Media Legal Center

The Legal Center contains important information about use and access to Cannabiz Media’s products and services. Below is a quick-start guide to the basic code of conduct. Please review our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Trademarks for comprehensive information about full rights and limitations.

Quick Start Guide

As a Cannabiz Media subscriber, you have the right to take advantage of certain actions.

  • You may send emails through the system.
  • You may share information with other subscribed users in your organization.
  • You may request a download of your Customer Data.

As a Cannabiz Media subscriber, you do NOT have the right to perform certain actions.

  • You may not send spam or abuse our email list.
  • You may NOT share information outside of your company.
  • You may not use our system to store or transmit Sensitive Data.

As a Cannabiz Media subscriber, you have certain protections regarding your own Customer Data.

  • We will not use your Customer Data without your permission.