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Analyze cannabis license, company, and sales data that informs your financial reports and industry models.
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License counts
4,000+ months of active licenses, net change, and numbers issued by month.
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State sales data
Up to 1,200 months of medical and adult use sales data.

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Patient data
1,600+ months of medical marijuana patient-count data.

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Wholesale price of flower
Up to 29 months of aggregate wholesale prices.*

*Sourced from Cannabis Benchmarks®, an independent, unbiased commodity price reporting agency.
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Find cannabis and hemp intelligence on companies and licenses, with custom watch list news and alerts.

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Track key industry metrics and export specific data to build your models and develop reports.

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Discover M&A targets, review transactions dating back to 2018, and simulate acquisitions.

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Monitor leaderboards, valuations, and dashboards.

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Prepare board and pitch presentations with company and license data.

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“There’s the volume of licenses, and there’s velocity. We don’t have a way of knowing how states are doing without the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. We need the information Cannabiz Media has."
Gary Cohen, Cova
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