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When we say Cannabiz Media is the leading verified cannabis and hemp industry intelligence platform, we mean it. Let us show you why.

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80,000 licenses
25,000 companies
50,000 contacts
...all with active, pending, or applied licenses!

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50,000 total records
...of unknown legal status.

Led by a team of real people doing real research, our data dives deep to provide insight into business operations and is verified with the license holders, companies, and contacts themselves.

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Rely on flawed algorithms to scrape the web for basic data you could have found on your own.

A dynamic platform that provides real-time updates as our data scientists uncover more. Daily email alerts keep you apprised of the changes that matter to you most.

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Send them an email when you are ready for a new spreadsheet. Then painstakingly compare it to your old spreadsheet to find the new information.

The only all-in-one solution that provides leads and helps you manage your outreach, marketing, and relationship building in one single subscription.

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Get ready to piece together 3 or 4 separate platforms to get the full suite of capabilities you need.

Technical specialists ready to chat, personalized onboarding sessions, ongoing new feature training, and an unrivaled email success team - all with the goal of making you look good.

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We tried to contact them to learn more about their customer support, but are still on hold...

First to this space and endorsed by the cannabis and hemp industry’s most prevalent brands and organizations alike. Don’t take our word for it, ask around!

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Have not been around long enough to have a “reputation”.

Meet your new best friends - the Email Success Team

Most email marketing tools expect that you already know what you’re doing, but becoming an email marketing whiz takes time and practice. With Cannabiz Media, you have the Email Success Team behind you every step of the way.

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Performance Analysis

Identify areas of improvement with content and technical experts who will help reveal problem areas and provide new strategies and tactics that can improve your results.

Professional Certifications

The ONLY email marketing certification program made specifically for cannabis & hemp professionals to grow your experience and resume. Learn more about the Email Success Academy, and enroll for free today!

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Domain Health Monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye on your sender reputation to maintain trust among email service providers far and wide.

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Informational Webinars

On-demand topical webinars let you hone your skills on your own schedule.

You're in really good company. Really.

Join thousands of reputable companies from around the world who are engaging and connecting with the cannabis and hemp industry.

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“Back when we were a two- or three-person shop, all I had was the Intelligence Platform. Our whole business relied on limited license states, so it was so important that I knew exactly who had each license. There was no other way to get that information, and there’s still no other way to get it than the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.”

— Michael Piermont, Leaf Trade

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