Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – CannabizTeam

CannabizTeam is the largest staffing firm exclusively focused on the cannabis industry, having placed thousands of dedicated people in all cannabis verticals, including cultivation, extraction, testing, manufacturing, retail, compliance, and C-suite roles.

Cannabiz Media spoke with CannabizTeam CEO, Liesl Bernard, in a recent Cannacurio Podcast, and part of the discussion covered how CannabizTeam uses the enhanced data in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to keep a pulse on the industry and license holders’ financial data in order to seize more ground.

Why Does CannabizTeam Partner With Cannabiz Media?

CannabizTeam relies on the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform in their go to market efforts by researching license holders, their business, and tracking growth across various states.

More specifically, CannabizTeam leverages enhanced data points to inspect the financial status of license holders. With this information it becomes clear who will make a strong business partner.

Additionally, they use the platform to segment MSOs apart from smaller operations. By building client personas to identify what services each size organization is most likely to sign on for, CannabizTeam developed strategies that vary based on which business type they’re pursuing. They therefore rely heavily on data that helps them segment those targets.

“Especially in a market like this, that information is so helpful,” concludes Liesl. “It's a real asset to the whole industry to have your platform.”

What’s Next For CannabizTeam?

CannabizTeam believes that in the next three years, the cannabis industry will create another 200,000 jobs among states with developing programs. And that flexible staffing is here to stay with more and more companies seeing the value. But they are also focused internationally.

Job growth is an indicator of industry growth, and CannabizTeam has already begun tackling job placements in international markets such as Thailand, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. Many U.S.-based MSOs have an eye toward moving internationally when the opportunity presents itself. So by fostering relationships with those larger organizations now, CannabizTeam is positioned to grow overseas alongside them.

To learn more about how the Cannabiz Media Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform can help you track the cannabis industry and gain insight into operator financial data, schedule a quick demo.

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