Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight: Baker Technologies

In 2019, Baker was acquired by Tilt Holdings, and its software has merged with Blackbird. To read an updated interview with Taylor Jones about Blackbird, click here.

Baker is the leading CRM for the cannabis industry, servicing more than 1,000 dispensaries across the US and Canada. Baker helps dispensaries generate more revenue and build relationships with their customers through a variety of products featuring online ordering, customer loyalty, messaging, and analytics. The Baker sales team uses the Cannabiz Media License Database to connect with cannabis businesses that could benefit from Baker’s CRM tool. I spoke with Baker Sales Manager Taylor Jones to learn more about how his team uses the Cannabiz Media License Database to support their growth strategies.

What is Baker?

Founded in 2014 and a graduate of the 500 Startups accelerator program, Baker Technologies is the leading CRM tool for cannabis dispensaries. What sets Baker apart from its competitors is its easy-to-use platform that includes targeted SMS messaging with advanced filtering, customizable loyalty program, and online ordering.

On average, Baker clients see a 40 percent boost in average order size and a full ROI in just ten weeks. With over 20 integrations and growing, Baker is creating a seamless tech ecosystem where dispensaries can easily transition between ancillary services.

Why Does Baker Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

“The Cannabiz Media License Database is the only true source for license data in the cannabis industry,” says Taylor. “It’s a single place to go to for licensing updates, and it’s a huge time saver. Cannabiz Media does all the work for us!”

Baker has been using the Cannabiz Media License Database for sales prospecting for some time and has had great results with it. “We can filter cannabis licenses contacts by state, license size, and more, and we can prepare sales reports with a lot of information for our sales reps which they can use to start prospecting,” explains Taylor. “This is particularly helpful in certain areas, like California, where license information is changing on a weekly basis. Cannabiz Media is doing the work and gives us the updates, so it’s a powerful tool for cannabis technology sales.”

Baker has also been helping Cannabiz Media test beta features before they’re rolled out to all Database subscribers. “When Cannabiz was testing its tagging feature that allows users to tag specific contact records in different ways, we were really excited. With this feature, we could easily tag our customers and filter them out of our searches so our sales reps wouldn’t prospect them,” Taylor shares. “Since Baker has a 30% market share among cannabis retailers and dispensaries in the United States, the tagging feature is very useful to us.”

The team at Baker also appreciates the customer service provided by Cannabiz Media to its subscribers. “The support is incredible, and the in-app chat response time is always quick,” says Taylor. “It’s also great seeing the Cannabiz Media team out at conferences and shows. They’re open to feedback and want to improve the Database with features that would help us. They listen to our feedback and actually implement it. They’ve added so many features, and the team is awesome to work with.”

How Does Baker Use the Cannabiz Media License Database?

In addition to the uses described in the previous section, Baker uses the Cannabiz Media License Database to build custom lists using the List Feature. “We can build custom lists based on filters and sign up to receive an automated email on a daily basis with any updates for that list,” explains Taylor. “When any new record is added or any record changes based on my list filters, I get an email. It could be a phone number change, a license status change, or any other change. It’s so valuable because the sales person has current information that is updated instantly.”

Furthermore, since Baker only works with licensed businesses, the up-to-date information available in the Cannabiz Media License Database and through the daily alerts is critical. Taylor explains, “Having current information is especially important in emerging markets, like California, where temporary licenses are changing constantly. Since we only want to prospect licensed businesses, we need the Cannabiz Media License Database to confine our sales efforts to currently licensed businesses only.

“It’s tough in the cannabis industry because every state is different – especially when it comes to license structure. I used the Cannabiz Media License Database to develop market analysis reports and a market share analysis by state so I could see what’s happening in each state where Baker operates. We used that information to split sales territories, identify areas where we need more focus, determine where our strengths and weaknesses were based on specific markets, and nail down where we can improve our product and sales.”

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media and Baker?

Baker relies on the Cannabiz Media License Database on a daily basis, and Taylor explains that as laws change in the U.S. and specifically Canada, where cannabis is set to become legal on July 1, 2018, the Database will be vital to its operations. “We’re focusing a lot on California right now, but Massachusetts is on the rise with recreational coming this summer. Basically, we want to know what’s happening with the cannabis licenses in any state that is starting its medical program or transitioning from medical to recreational. Even seeing pending licenses is important to Baker because we can speak to applicants to start the sales process early.” In other words, the relationship between Baker and Cannabiz Media will continue to be an important one in the future.

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