Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – BryteMap

BryteMap is a comprehensive seed-to-sale software solution for cannabis businesses across the supply chain that brings all business operations into one place so users no longer have to work with a number of disconnected tools.

Cannabiz Media spoke with Bryan Lopez, CEO, and Scott Denholm, COO, of BryteMap to learn more about how their team uses the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to support its growth initiatives.

Why Does BryteMap Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

BryteMap subscribes to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to access timely data and news, define target market opportunities, and develop innovative new products.“

The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is something we work in every day,” says Bryan. “We want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in regulatory and business news, so we’re constantly using it. We have full visibility by using the Cannabiz Media platform to be able to go after particular operations. This is almost, I don’t want to say infinite, but it sure feels close to that.”In addition, the BryteMap team uses the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for sales and marketing. “It’s a very useful tool,” Bryan says. “If we want to be very specific about the particular verticals that we’re going to go after and in particular states, we have the ability to drill down to that information.”

Bryan also uses theCannabis Market Intelligence Platform when speaking with potential BryteMap investors. He explains, “When I’m talking to some potential investors in our company – and everybody wants to ask what the addressable market is – I pull them on a call where they can see my screen and pull up the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. We go through all of these different filtering parameters, and I show them how many different entities are within the U.S. and Canada. They’re like, ‘Wow! Okay, I get it.’”

In addition to using the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for research, news, sales, marketing, and investor discussions, BryteMap uses the available data for forecasting and future planning. Scott explains, “Cannabiz Media is one of the key aspects for us for forecasting. It provides us with a level of data that helps us decide which states we’re going to go to, which states we want to look at, and which we want to put a presence in.”

The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform also plays a role in BryteMap’s product development process. “Cannabiz Media’s data is very helpful from a product development standpoint when we’re trying to develop a product roadmap,” shares Scott. “The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is very important to have as we move along and use the data to develop products that make sense.”

What’s Next for BryteMap?

BryteMap is actively developing and launching new products into existing and new markets. “BryteMap is on such an accelerated pace of innovation right now, and we’re able to pivot some new concepts rather quickly,” Bryan says. “We’re really excited that we’re coming to the market with some really innovative products. We’re looking at the industry and trying to encapsulate all the things that go on in a business’ day and trying to address each of those needs within our software platform.”

The goal is to build a comprehensive, enterprise-level seed-to-sale platform for all cannabis businesses. Bryan explains, “We’re trying to bring it all under one umbrella so users – who are very focused on promoting their businesses, driving more transactions, and engaging their customers – can spend more time doing that as opposed to dealing with technical support issues across multiple platforms.”

For more information about BryteMap and to hear additional insights from Bryan Lopez and Scott Denholm, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Bryan and Scott as the special guests.To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform can help your business, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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