Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Gold Leaf Packaging

Gold Leaf Packaging is a cannabis printing company that specializes in creating custom collateral, packaging, and branding for business businesses operating in and with the cannabis industry.

Cannabiz Media recently spoke with David Rula, founding partner of Gold Leaf Packaging, to learn more about how he and his team use the Cannabiz Media License Database to support their sales and business growth initiatives.

Why Does Gold Leaf Packaging Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

Gold Leaf Packaging uses the Cannabiz Media License Database primarily for sales research and outreach as well as for email marketing. “The Cannabiz Media License Database has helped our company, and I can’t say enough great things about it,” says David. “Your team has helped Gold Leaf Packaging more than you realize. We have a weekly meeting with all of our sales reps, and it’s fully based around the Cannabiz Media platform.”

Importantly for David and his team is the timeliness and reliability of the data available to them in the License Database. David shares, “The amount of time and effort your team puts into getting that license data and breaking it down by state is very helpful. We’ve been using the Cannabiz Media License Database as a CRM for over a year, and I can tell you every week we get better at it and we learn new things that it offers. I love Cannabiz Media’s product.”

What’s Next for Gold Leaf Packaging?

In the future, Gold Leaf Packaging will continue to expand its presence in the cannabis industry, particularly in states that are ramping up their cannabis programs. Two areas that David sees as significant growth opportunities also align with growing cannabis industry trends – packaging embellishments and automation. 

“We’re the first in America to purchase machines from France that do raised foil and raised varnish without dies and plates,” David explains. “We also developed our own marketing asset management system called DigiFlow, which is a natural fit for companies that have multiple skews and brands or are in multiple states with different packaging laws. The software organizes the chaos and really streamlines the processes. It helps increase value to a company.”

For more information about Gold Leaf Packaging and to hear additional insights from David, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring David as the special guest.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business like it helps the team at Gold Leaf Packaging, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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