Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Leaf Trade 2023

Leaf Trade is a technology company that helps facilitate ordering and fulfillment in the cannabis industry. In addition to its leading wholesale marketplace between licensed cannabis cultivators/processors and dispensaries in regulated cannabis states, the company’s B2B technology streamlines the entire ordering and fulfillment process, payment process, and post-sale reporting. 

Cannabiz Media spoke with Leaf Trade President Michael Piermont to learn how he and his team use the Cannabiz Media License Database and hear what’s next for Leaf Trade. This is a follow-up to Cannabiz Media’s June 2022 conversation with Michael.

Why Does Leaf Trade Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

In addition to using the Cannabiz Media License Database for strategic planning and growth planning, Leaf Trade subscribes to ensure everyone on the team has access to the right data at all times. Michael explains, “We’re not out there robo-dialing or sending 50 emails because we’re in limited states. We have to have the right data all the time in a kind of limited scope.”

For Michael and his team, the Cannabiz Media License Database has provided critical information as they planned out markets and researched opportunities. “Even way back in 2017-2018, when we were a two- or three-person shop,” says Michael, “all I had was the Cannabiz Medial License Database. Our whole business relied on limited license states, so it was so important that I knew exactly who had each license. Was the license valid? Was it transferred? There was no other way to get that information, and there’s still no other way to get it than the Cannabiz Media License Database.”

What’s Next for Leaf Trade?

Since completing a merger with Sweed, a cannabis point-of-sale (POS) solution with eCommerce, marketing, loyalty, delivery, and more capabilities, Leaf Trade has been very busy evaluating opportunities. 

“The day that we announced the closing,” shares Michael, “we had 15 or 20 calls from companies asking if they could be part of it or if there was room. Some of the companies are complimentary, and it makes sense. Some of the data companies could be put in between Sweed and Leaf Trade. We’re always opportunistic, so we look at everything. There are one or two that we’ll probably flush out in the next 10-12 months.”

However, Leaf Trade always remains focused on its original mission. Michael says, “For us, it’s really straight-line focus on the enterprise solution and multistate operators. That’s always been the thesis of Leaf Trade and Sweed – the enterprise solution. I don’t believe an out-of-the-box solution really works. It needs to be tailored and focused on the customers, and that’s what enterprise tech is. You get 80% there, and then, you’ve got to bend into their internal stack.”

For more information about Leaf Trade and to hear additional insights from Michael, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Michael as the special guest. You can also listen to Cannabiz Media’s June 2022 Cannacurio podcast interview with Michael.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business, like it helps Leaf Trade, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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