Cannabiz Media Wins 2022 Cannabis Technology Award for Best Platform Design from Green Market Report

Cannabiz Media won Green Market Report’s 2022 Cannabis Technology Award for Best Platform Design! The Cannabis Technology Award winners were announced on September 8th at a special ceremony held during Green Market Report’s 2022 Tech Summit in San Francisco, California, and Cannabiz Media’s Vice President of Sales, Davis Thode, was at the ceremony to accept the award on behalf of the entire team.

Cannabiz Media Wins 2022 Cannabis Technology Award for Best Platform Design
From l. to r. Agrify Director of Software Engineering Keenan Keeling (Best Culivation Tech Award), Cannabiz Media VP of Sales Davis Thode (Best Platform Design Award) & Headset VP of Analytics Liz Connors (Best Cannabis Data Award). Congratulations to Agrify & Headset - both are Cannabiz Media License Database subscribers.

What are the Green Market Cannabis Technology Awards?

This is the first year that Green Market Report, a Crain’s Communications brand, has held the Cannabis Technology Awards program. The goal of the awards is to recognize companies that have developed unique and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis Technology Awards were given out in 11 categories, including: 

  • Best Banking Technology
  • Best Big Data Technology Company
  • Best Consumer Loyalty Technology
  • Best Consumption Technology
  • Best Cultivation Technology
  • Best Delivery Technology
  • Best E-commerce Platform
  • Most Innovative Technology
  • Best Platform Design (awarded to Cannabiz Media)
  • Best Retail Technology
  • Best Seed to Sale Technology

Nominations for each of the awards were judged by a panel of industry experts during an intense 5-week period from July 8, 2022 through August 12, 2022. View the full list of award winners in the Green Market Report press release.

Cannabiz Media Won the Green Market Report Cannabis Technology Award for Best Platform Design
Cannabiz Media VP of Sales Davis Thode (left) with springbig VP of Business Development Mikaela McLaughlin (Best Cannabis Loyalty Tech Award). Congratulations to springbig - a Cannabiz Media License Database subscriber.

What Makes Cannabiz Media’s Platform Design the Best?

The Cannabiz Media License Database platform is designed to drive the cannabis industry forward by offering a variety of solutions. It started as a CRM, built to service the unique business development needs of the cannabis industry. 

Going one step further than a standard CRM that requires users to input their own leads, each Cannabiz Media License Database account comes preloaded with all of the leads needed in order to grow the subscriber’s business among license holders.

A unique set of facets allows users to intuitively identify their ideal target audience. From there, a built-in email platform allows them to send direct, one-on-one emails or design beautiful, optimized email marketing campaigns. 

Easy to understand performance analytics identify the user’s hottest leads and points out the various ways to follow up. This makes it the only platform of its kind in the cannabis industry that is a one-stop-shop for lead generation, sales, and marketing combined.

The platform’s design is also adaptable. In addition to sales and marketing initiatives, it caters to financial analysts, legal counsel, state regulators, and journalists looking to research cannabis businesses and companies. Using the same core data set and platform design, Cannabiz Intelligence™ is a C-Suite tool that allows users to track MSOs and transactional history, customize dashboards, and simulate M&A deals, enabling comprehensive analysis for M&A target identification and tracking the overall growth of this industry.

How Has the Cannabiz Media Platform Impacted the Cannabis Industry?

The Cannabiz Media License Database has had a dramatic impact on the cannabis industry’s growth. One client reported seven-figure ROI! 

Thanks to this innovative platform design that was created specific to the cannabis industry, users have a unique and highly targeted way to research the industry, manage relationships, and grow their businesses by improving the way leads are generated and deals are closed. There is no other platform like it.

Additionally, the C-Suite platform, Cannabiz Intelligence, has given major financial institutions an entry point into the cannabis industry. This was accomplished by packaging the data they need within a platform that is akin to other financial analyst tools, like Pitchbook. 

Giving major financial institutions a means of researching and tracking the cannabis industry is a major step toward rooting this industry deeper within the U.S. economy.

What’s Next for the Cannabiz Media Platform?

More innovative additions and enhancements are coming to the Cannabiz Media platform in 2023 that will help solve challenges within the cannabis industry by expanding access to usable, reliable, and meaningful data. Stay tuned!

Want to learn more about the Cannabiz Media License Database and Cannabiz Intelligence? Schedule a demo to see them in action.

Read the full press release from Cannabiz Media here.

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