Cannacurio: West Virginia – The Mountain State Receives 285 Applications for 120 Potential Licenses

West Virginia recently shared information on their 285 medical marijuana applicants. This includes applications for one laboratory, 44 cultivators, 199 dispensaries and 41 manufacturers. A review of the data shows that 82 companies submitted the 285 applications. Notably only 34 applicants applied for one license while companies like Kindred applied for 29.

The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health is allowed to issue permits initially for no more than 10 growers, 10 processors and 100 dispensaries. Individuals wishing to own more than one dispensary permit must apply for each location under a separate application with separate application and permit fees for each location. Provided that, the Bureau may not issue more than:

  • one individual grower permit to one person
  • one individual processor permit to one person
  • 10 individual dispensary permits to one person


The eleven companies below accounted for 44% of the applications. The fees are $10K for a dispensary application and $50K for a cultivator or manufacturer/processor. 205 out of the 285 (72%) are vertically stacked with the applicant trying for at least one of each license type.

Top Eleven Companies That Applied in West Virginia
West Virginia Medical Marijuana Applications Versus Applied

There has been interest from some of the Multistate Operators like Verano, Columbia Care, Trulieve and Greenhouse Wellness. We also identified the following 29 companies that have applied for a full stack:

  1. Almost Heaven Cannabis Company, LLC
  2. Appalachian Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  3. Armory Pharmaceutical, Inc
  4. CAMO Medical West Virginia, LLC
  5. Capital Mountain LLC
  6. Columbia Care WV LLC
  7. Curative Growth, Inc
  8. Eagle Dispensaries WV LLC
  9. Green Leaf Medical of West Virginia, LLC
  10. Greenhouse Wellness
  11. GreenSmith, LLC
  12. Harvest Care Medical, LLC
  13. Holistic WV Farms I LLC
  14. Kindred
  15. Logan Investment Partners, LLC
  16. Mountaineer Holding LLC
  17. Mountaineer Integrated Care Inc
  18. Mountaineer Releaf, LLC
  19. New Leaf WV, LLC
  20. Organic Remedies WV, Inc
  21. Redbud Hill
  22. Tariff Labs, LLC
  23. Trulieve WV, Inc
  24. V3 WV
  25. Verano WV LLC
  26. Waco Cannabis, LLC
  27. WBT, LLC
  28. Wild and Wonderful Cannabis, LLC
  29. WVAP One LLC

Why Is This Important?

  • West Virginia is the latest medical marijuana program to come online since Missouri. West Virginia’s population is less than a third of Missouri’s yet they’ve approved up to 100 dispensaries compared to 192 in Missouri. Perhaps this is one way for the state to address the opioid crisis that has ravaged the state.
  • The fee revenue was not insignificant. Total fees collected were $6,240,000 which would be gotten you 2,496 licenses in Oklahoma!
  • There’s a high concentration of applicants in the state with 11 companies responsible for 44% of the applications.

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