Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – BioTrackTHC

In 2018, BioTrackTHC merged with Helix TCS, Inc. To read an updated interview conducted in April 2020 with Justin Mayhall of BioTrack, click here.

BioTrackTHC is an industry-leading seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale (POS) software specifically designed for the cannabis industry. With its introduction in 2010, BioTrackTHC was the first cannabis POS system to integrate every vertical and type of license in the cannabis industry into a single tracking tool.

Today, BioTrackTHC provides cultivation tracking, processing/manufacturing tracking, and compliance tracking across the cannabis supply chain, as well as cannabis dispensary POS software solutions to clients in 34 states, seven countries, and nine government traceability contracts.

BioTrackTHC has been subscribing to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for a year, and I spoke with Jeff Gonring, Director of Marketing Communications, and Steve Flaks, Vice President of Sales, to learn more about how BioTrackTHC uses the data available in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to achieve its goals.

Why Does BioTrackTHC Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

BioTrackTHC subscribes to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to support its sales and marketing efforts. “Coming from other industries,” shares Jeff, “I know there are tools out there to help businesses reach decision-makers. When BioTrack was searching for a sales tool, we found that the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform alleviates the problem of getting to cannabis industry decision makers. It’s a great tool with a great reputation, and we love the reliability of the data. Cannabiz Media is the first company to get accurate data for us, so we can focus on our initiatives.”

Having the ability to access current information about cannabis license holders enables BioTrackTHC to develop and implement focused strategies quickly and efficiently. “We’ve been able to hit the ground running in new markets, which is extremely valuable,” explains Steve. “For example, we wouldn’t have had a way to promote our product at events in Oklahoma as the state got its cannabis program up and running without the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.”

BioTrackTHC leverages the targeting and email marketing features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to move prospects through the sales funnel, engage with them effectively, and escalate leads to sales calls as appropriate. “Using the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, we can target decision makers by license and business type as well as by things like revenue,” says Jeff. “We can also track who has viewed and opened our messages, which helps with follow up messages. It allows us to see who is engaged and refine our approach to improve results.”

The team at BioTrackTHC also uses some unique features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to do their jobs. “The mapping tool makes it easy to see things and helps us focus our prospecting strategy visually and efficiently,” says Steve.

“Our sales team also utilizes the news and updates sent by Cannabiz Media. Because of the alerts, we can call clients and prospects right away to re-engage them,” Steve explains. “For example, a sales person can call a prospect and say, ‘I just read about this news happening in your area,’ which is a great way to start a conversation.”

One of the most unique benefits that BioTrackTHC has gained from the Cannabis Media Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is validation of its market share and position as the industry leader. Jeff explains, “The majority of our industry is in the private sector, so it’s difficult to prove market share and each company’s position in the industry. The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform allowed us to validate both our market share in POS for the cannabis industry and our position as market leader.”

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media and BioTrackTHC?

BioTrackTHC will be launching version 2.0 of its software product this summer and expects it to take the U.S. by storm. Jeff, Steve, and the BioTrackTHC team look forward to accessing more granular data from the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform and working with Cannabiz Media on new opportunities in the future.

At the same time, the Cannabiz Media team will continue to deliver reliable, up-to-date data to BioTrackTHC and all of its subscribers as well as develop new features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to provide the granular data and robust functionality that companies operating in and with the cannabis industry need to be successful.

To learn what the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform can do for your business, schedule a free demo.

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