Customize your Daily Alerts

The Cannabiz Media team is constantly adding and updating Licenses into our database. This creates additional potential Leads in nearly every market on a regular basis. In 2017 alone, we added over 8,000 Licenses, doubling our previous count.

To help you keep up with these new Licenses, the CNB Platform delivers new and interesting licenses to your inbox every day. This means that even if you haven't been back to the app in a while, you can still get actionable intelligence on potential new customers without leaving your email. By default, you'll get alerts on any new and updated licenses for that day, however since Email size is limited we only show up to 10 licenses per day. To help make sure you're not bogged down by Licenses in areas you may not be selling, you can create your very own customized alert.

Create a Favorite Search

You can customize your search results by Geo-location, State Filters, Activity, or Status. We recommend only searching on Licenses when setting up your favorite search.

After you're happy with your search, click on the Favorite button to set it as your default alert. This will update your daily email alerts to use the preferences you've set on this search.

Your Daily Alert will prioritize your preferences

If there are no matches for your daily alert, you'll receive a general list of updated licenses. Your "Browse Licenses" button will also be updated to take you right back to your favorite search anytime you access the dashboard. This makes setting up your preferred type of leads very convenient.

You can update your settings as much as you want!

If you're going on a trip to Washington, why not update your Favorite search to include just results from there, then change back when you're done? This way while you're on the road you can get convenient updates about new Licenses you may want to check out while you're there, or just quickly get back to your leads.

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