How to Get the Cannabis Industry Business Intelligence You Need

In 2021, Cannabiz Media launched Cannabiz Intelligence™, the single, comprehensive source for verified cannabis and hemp financial analysis, merger and acquisition (M&A) targeting, and valuation data. Since that time, Cannabiz Intelligence has grown to offer 28 dashboards of critical information people working in and with the cannabis industry need to do their jobs, make decisions, and reach their goals. 

Let’s take a look at how you can access and use the cannabis industry business intelligence data you need in Cannabiz Intelligence.

Exportable Data for Custom Modeling

Data is great, but to make data usable, you need to be able to manipulate it in your own models. The Cannabiz Business Intelligence team can help you export the data in all of the dashboards within Cannabiz Intelligence, so you can use the data exactly how you need to.

For example, you could download:

  • Historical license and facility counts
  • Wholesale pricing of flower
  • Patient count data
  • State revenue data
  • Sales data
  • Canopy size data
  • Distribution data
  • Financial positions
  • And more

Once the data has been exported, you can leverage your own models to determine total addressable market (TAM) potential, revenue opportunities, business opportunity analyses, and more.  For example, you can use the wholesale flower pricing data to create your own forecasts and run break-even analyses based on multiple price points. 

Identify Trends and Anomalies

Cannabiz Intelligence includes a massive amount of historical cannabis industry data that you can easily use to identify trends and anomalies which could affect your business, decisions, and strategies. For example, did you know Cannabiz Intelligence includes more than 800 months of medical and adult-use sales and production data sourced from all 21 states that make this data available? You can quickly analyze sales by state and program as well as product sales data by category, date, and license holder.

Some of the questions you can answer using all of this historical data include:

  • How do wholesale flower prices fluctuate over time?
  • What are the trends with licenses being issued?
  • What is selling? 
  • Are sales trending up or down over the last month, year, and so on? 
  • What products types are increasing or decreasing in popularity?
  • How have the number of retail outlets grown or decreased?
  • Are there any anomalies in the data that could signal market problems?
  • Is adult-use legalization cannibalizing medical program sales and to what extent?

Historical data is critical to forecasting, goal setting, averting risk, and seizing opportunities. It can also help you assess market dynamics, size markets, and assess the health and growth of different markets, so you can develop your own strategies and plans for the short- and long-term.

Get from A to B Faster

It’s easy to look at data in Cannabiz Intelligence from a macro level and then, dig deeper to get more granular, which is essential for decision-making. For example, when you combine sales data in Cannabiz Intelligence with active store data in the Cannabiz Media License Database, you’ll have all of the data you need to complete comprehensive analyses.

Following are just some of the questions you can answer quickly when you have access to all of the data you need in a single place – Cannabiz Intelligence:

  • How many patients are there per store in medical markets?
  • What does wholesale pricing look like in relation to the number of cultivator licenses?
  • How much have licenses sold for in different jurisdictions?
  • What M&A activity has happened or is still in progress, and who is involved in those deals?
  • How many leaseback transactions have happened in a certain time period and who is involved in those deals?
  • How does the market in one state compare to another state?

Another example relates to trends in licenses being issued. With the trend data in Cannabiz Intelligence, you can look at various markets, research who operates there, and determine projected outcomes. For stock analysts, this data is extremely helpful to determine how to rate cannabis stocks based on performance.

Justify Decisions

Cannabiz Intelligence data is reliable and timely, so you can make decisions with confidence. The built-in dashboards highlight critical data, and when coupled with trend data as well as your own models and analysis, you’ll have a significant amount of data to guide a wide variety of decision-making.

Some of the common questions subscribers can answer using the data available to them in Cannabiz Intelligence include:

  • Where do I deploy my sales force?
  • What expansion opportunities are available? What areas are saturated vs. ripe? What licensing and partnership opportunities are available?
  • What are my best M&A targets?
  • What would an acquisition with a specific company look like?
  • What legal advisors are working on M&A deals in the cannabis industry? Which have the most experience with cannabis industry M&A?

For example, you can export cannabis M&A transaction data with detailed information on both the buy and sell sides, including what licenses make up the deal. You can also use the automated M&A simulator tool to simulate acquisitions between two companies. All of the data and tools enable you to make better, more educated M&A decisions. 

Key Takeaways about How to Get the Cannabis Business Intelligence You Need

Cannabis industry stakeholders no longer have to make decisions blindly or spend hours, days, weeks, or longer gathering the data they need from disconnected sources (if they can even find that data). Cannabiz Intelligence gives you streamlined access to reliable, timely data so you can make the best decisions and reach your goals.

Schedule a free demo of Cannabiz Intelligence to see how you can use the data and tools to do your job, make better decisions, and reach your goals.

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