How to Keep up with Cannabis Industry News

So much is changing in the cannabis industry that it can be challenging to keep up with the latest national and state-by-state laws and business insights. With that in mind, we put together a list of some reliable sources for news and information related to the business of cannabis. 

Keep reading for a dozen great blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and daily alerts that can help you stay up-to-date in this continually evolving industry.

Read the Right Blogs and Websites

Many blogs are filled with content about cannabis, but only some of them are dedicated to publishing informational posts in a timely manner that focus on news and updates related to the industry and business of cannabis. 

To find the right blogs to read, look for those that are updated frequently, link to reputable sources for the information they share, and are written by authoritative professionals who fully understand the industry from a business perspective.


MJBizDaily has been published as a cannabis industry B2B news source since 2011. Written by professional journalists, this blog is a must for anyone who wants to follow what’s happening in the cannabis industry. It’s easy to find recent content about specific states, regions, and topics.


Since 2014, Ganjapreneur has been dedicated to the business of cannabis and includes sections to follow news and updates related to specific states or topics. The target audience is made up of cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and industry participants.

Benzinga Cannabis

Benzinga Cannabis is a great source for industry news with a focus on financial updates and insights. For example, mergers, acquisitions, stocks, and investments are some of the topics most often found in Benzinga’s cannabis-related content.

Cannabiz Media Blog

The Cannabiz Media blog is updated multiple times per week with timely, informative, and educational posts covering cannabis business licensing, marketing, trends, news, and more. Articles are written by cannabis industry, data, business, research, and marketing experts.

Listen to Newsworthy Podcasts

If you like audio content, then listening to podcasts could be a great way for you to stay current on cannabis industry news. 

There are so many cannabis-related podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and so on, but most are not about business news. To get this type of information, try some of the podcasts below.

Seed to CEO from MJBizDaily

Seed to CEO is hosted by MJBizDaily and MJBizCon CEO Chris Walsh. This weekly podcast features interviews with leading cannabis business executives who talk candidly about their experiences, secrets to success, and timely topics that matter to cannabis business owners and professionals.

Cannabis Minority Report from NCIA 

Cannabis Minority Report is hosted by National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair Khadijah Adams. The show features co-hosts and guests who discuss cannabis policies, business, and other topics that affect minority ownership and leadership.

The Roll-Up from Leafly

The Roll-Up is hosted by Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton of Leafly. The podcast focuses on cannabis news and culture. Every episode features conversations about the week’s top cannabis stories.   

Cannacurio Podcast from Cannabiz Media

The Cannacurio Podcast is hosted by Ed Keating, co-founder of Cannabiz Media. Each episode features a new interview with a cannabis industry professional who shares insights about what’s happening in their parts of the value chain. Many interviewees have founded or work for ancillary cannabis companies, which enables them to bring unique perspectives to the conversations.

Sign up for Timely Newsletters

The easiest way to stay up-to-date on cannabis industry news is to sign up for email newsletters that bring the latest updates directly to your inbox every day or week. 

Below are some newsletters that cannabis professionals and entrepreneurs are likely to find most helpful.

Marijuana Moment Newsletter

The Marijuana Moment newsletter is my personal favorite for updates about cannabis regulations across the United States. It includes state-by-state quick links to new articles related to bills, laws, and other news that make it easy to digest a large number of regulatory changes (or potential changes).

MJBiz Newsletters

MJBizDaily offers a variety of newsletters, so you can choose which types of news and updates you receive in your email. This is extremely helpful if you’re only interested in staying current on specific topics related to the cannabis industry. Six newsletter subscriptions are currently offered:

  • MJBiz Daily: Daily cannabis business news
  • MJBiz Cultivator: Weekly news for wholesale cannabis growers and vertically-integrated cultivators
  • MJBiz Finance: Weekly finance news and data for private equity, angel investors, and entrepreneurs
  • MJBiz Canada: Weekly news related to Canadian cannabis business
  • MJBiz Science: Weekly news about testing, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and related topics
  • Hemp Industry Week: Weekly roundup of data and news from hemp cultivation to product manufacturing

New Cannabis Ventures Newsletter

The New Cannabis Ventures newsletter focuses on financial topics. Most of the content is about cannabis companies and investing (for both investors and entrepreneurs trying to secure investors). Topics include:

  • Exclusive and breaking news
  • Thought leader news
  • Cannabis investor news
  • Cannabis company news
  • Products and services news
  • Public company news

Cannabiz Media Newsletter

With a primary focus on cannabis and hemp licensing, subscribers to the Cannabiz Media newsletter receive an email every week with the latest cannabis industry news, local updates, relevant blog posts, and special reports. 

Key Takeaways to Keep up with Cannabis Industry News

Keeping up with cannabis industry news can seem like a daunting task. The reality today is there is simply so much changing and being reported on a daily basis that no one can know it all. 

With that in mind, choose the areas that are most important for you to keep tabs on, and read blogs, websites, newsletters, and so on that provide you the most relevant, reliable, and timely information. The sources discussed in this article will help you get started!

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