Introducing the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform!

Introducing the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform!

New Name, Same Unparalleled Intelligence

The Cannabiz Media License Database has a new name…(drumroll, please)...the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform! What began as a first-of-its-kind cannabis license tracking tool has grown into a robust intelligence engine that facilitates growth opportunities, reveals financial insights, and safeguards compliance within the cannabis industry.

“While licensing data is still at the core of what we do, the narrow term ‘License Database’ no longer exemplifies everything the platform has to offer,”  explains Larry Schwartz, Cannabiz Media President. “The platform evolved and it became clear that the name needed to evolve with it.”

The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform name better represents the comprehensive intelligence and multifaceted solutions it offers.

What Makes the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform Different

The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform provides an all-in-one solution that leverages rapidly-updated data, cutting-edge technology, and a support system of experienced strategists that drive the cannabis industry forward.

The platform provides solutions for three major goals that are the bedrock of cannabis industry advancement: scaling business development, analyzing industry insights and growth, and verifying license holder statuses to manage risk.

Each of those goals is supported by one of three hubs — The Growth Hub, The Insight Hub, and The Compliance Hub — allowing users to select the one that best aligns with their needs. All three hubs are powered by Cannabiz Media’s verified intelligence on cannabis licenses, the companies that operate them, and the decision makers behind it all. But each hub packages that intelligence alongside a set of unique tools and features that support each user’s goals.

The Evolution of the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform

For nine years, Cannabiz Media has been a trusted industry-leader of cannabis intelligence. A brief history tells the story of how the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform evolved to where it is today.

  • 2014: Cannabiz Media is born, after the idea surfaces during a 35 mile bike ride.
  • 2015: The first reports are published on the state of cannabis licensing in Connecticut.
  • 2016: Reporting on licensing data expands to cover the entire United States and goes digital, becoming the first iteration of the License Database available as a web-based software. 
  • 2017: An email marketing tool was layered in, turning what was once a simple data repository into an industry-specific networking platform. This allowed users to find, glean information on, and contact licensed operators all in one place.
  • 2018: Additional relationship management tools are added — including deal tracking, follow up tasks, and custom tagging — transforming the platform into a full-service CRM. At the time, this development catapulted Cannabiz Media into two unprecedented areas: being the only CRM that came preloaded with leads and being the only CRM exclusively serving the cannabis industry.
  • 2019: A License Database API is launched allowing users to seamlessly integrate Cannabiz Media’s licensing data into their own systems and workflows, with an eye toward real-time verification and compliance.
  • 2020: Cannabiz Intelligence is unveiled, providing a solution for financial analysts, investors, and legal advisors who aim to research, evaluate, and model the cannabis industry. This tool framed licensed operator data through a financial lens as a complement to the original sales & marketing tool offered through the License Database.
  • 2022: Cannabiz Media wins the 2022 Cannabis Technology Award for Best Platform Design from Green Market Report, a Crain’s Communications brand, for its cutting-edge and thoughtful creation of the License Database.
  • 2023: The License Database embraces its new stronghold as the award-winning Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform! This revamp effortlessly encapsulates all offerings — The Growth Hub (previously the sales and marketing tool), The Insight Hub (previously Cannabiz Intelligence), and The Compliance Hub (previously the verification tool) — under a single umbrella.

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media

What do you do when you reach the top? Continue to support the people who helped put you there! After eight years, Cannabiz Media remains focused on who we are and who we serve. We are a team of real researchers, developers, marketers, and strategists that are passionate about our users’ growth, insight, and compliance within the cannabis industry. There is nothing artificial about our intelligence.

To see the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for yourself, schedule a demo. Or if you need help determining which hub is best suited for you, take the quiz on our homepage!

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