Marijuana License Application Updates Captured in the Cannabiz Database

The year is only half over, and already, there have been so many changes in the marijuana economy. Many of these changes are a direct result of the November 2016 election when residents in many states voted to approve or enhance their medical and recreational marijuana programs. Others have come about through ballot initiatives and legislation.

At Cannabiz Media, we’ve been actively updating the Cannabiz Media License Database with all of the most current marijuana license application information. Today, the database includes information on more than 18,000 marijuana licenses across 28 states and Canada. Specifically, the database includes information about more than 7,600 cultivators, 3,500 manufacturers, 4,600 dispensaries, and 4,700 retailers.

Most recently, Nevada opened up for recreational sales, Pennsylvania issued permits, and Ohio and Arkansas began accepting license applications. It’s been a busy summer! Some of the recent additions and updates to the Cannabiz Media License Database are highlighted below.

Ohio Updates

We added information on 185 cultivation applications to the Cannabiz Media License Database. This includes 109 Level I Cultivators (up to 25,000 square feet) and 76 Level II Cultivators (up to 3,000 square feet). The Ohio Department of Commerce will award up to 12 Level I certificates of operations and up to 12 Level II certificates of operations from these 185 applications.

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is expected to be operational in September 2018. While rules for cultivators have been released, rules for everyone else in the Ohio marijuana economy won’t be released until October of this year.

Pennsylvania Updates

We updated information and applications in the database for 12 grower/processor permits and 27 dispensary permits. The permittees have six months to become operational before they can begin growing medical marijuana in the state. Each dispensary permit holder is eligible to open a total of three locations.

Medical marijuana dispensary sales are expected to begin in October 2018 in Pennsylvania. In total, the state is expected to grant 25 grower and 50 dispensary licenses.

Puerto Rico Updates

We added 11 growers, five manufacturers, 14 dispensaries, two laboratories, and one transporter license to the Cannabiz Media License Database after Governor Ricardo Rossello signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the U.S. territory in July.

Full-Text Application Updates

The research team at Cannabiz Media has been hard at work uploading the full text marijuana license applications from Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New Jersey. We’ll continue to add more states’ full-text applications to the database throughout the summer.

More Updates Coming

We’re constantly updating the Cannabiz Media License Database with the timeliest, most accurate, and most searchable data. To that end, we’ll be working hard to ensure the data reflects all of the most current information as the marijuana industry continues to grow and change on a daily basis.

We welcome any feedback and questions you have about the database or Cannabiz Media. Please leave your comments below, or feel free to contact us at any time!

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