Signal Bay Acquires Oregon Analytical Services - who paid the tax bill?

Signal Bay, Inc. announced their acquisition of Oregon Analytical Services, a full service cannabis testing facility. Signal Bay subsidiary EVIO Labs will take over full management and operations of Oregon Analytical Services, (“OAS”).  OAS boasts a client base of over 500 cultivators, extractors, processors, edible manufacturers, and dispensaries built up since 2014.  This strategy makes a lot of sense for Signal Bay as testing services have been touted as a strong and safe growth area in the marijuana marketplace.

One of the interesting side notes that you won’t see in the press releases is that Oregon Analytical Services had been served a whole host of tax liens by the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue totaling over $35,000.

Here are some links to selected filings:

Given that half of these liens were filed two weeks ago I wonder how all these tax bills factored into the purchase and sale of OAS?

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