Top 5 Cannabis Investing Networking Opportunities at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

With Canada set to legalize cannabis in October, investors are looking at which players in the cannabis space can go the distance and generate huge returns. There’s no better way to evaluate an investment opportunity than to check it out for yourself, so investors are looking for chances to network with the best and brightest in Canada.

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Toronto this August offers a great chance to learn about and interact with the top companies in the industry in a single day. Benzinga, a financial media company following the cannabis space, is bringing dozens of the top companies that present compelling investment opportunities to Toronto on August 17th for a full day of networking.

Investors who want to meet with these companies can get tickets to the event here.

As a sponsor of the conference, Cannabiz Media is looking forward to discussing the business-building goals of the conference, which mirrors the business-building benefits of the Cannabiz Media License Database, with conference attendees. Stop by the networking area and introduce yourself to the team while you’re at the conference!

Following is an introduction to five more companies attendees will have opportunities to network with during the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference:

1. Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is one of the hottest commodities in the cannabis space, having secured a major credit facility from BMO Capital Markets and recently announcing that it would move its ecommerce operations to Shopify. These moves show Aurora is a first mover in legitimizing the cannabis space and prove that investors need to pay attention now.

2. CannaRoyalty

CannaRoyalty is a unique investment vehicle that provides capital to cannabis businesses in exchange for royalties on the business’ sales for a set term. CannaRoyalty looks at teams that have the potential to provide innovative products to the cannabis market and the company’s management works with its partners to grow their businesses and generate royalties—and therefore, returns for investors.

3. Aphria

Aphria is one of the largest Canadian producers of cannabis, and given that the country’s legal market is set to open in less than four months, investors should be interested in meeting with the current market leaders.

4. Terra Tech Corp

Terra Tech Corp isn’t a cannabis company—it’s an agriculture company in the cannabis space. Its vertically-integrated model and management team with expertise in finance and biotech have made it a winner with early adopter cannabis investors.

5. Medicine Man Technologies

Medicine Man Technologies is a leading U.S. consultant in cannabis branding, and recently closed a $4.65 million deal to cement its place in the nascent Canadian legal market.

Network with the Cannabiz Media Team at the Conference

Don’t forget, the Cannabiz Media team will be present in the networking area at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. Stop by and visit them to learn more about the Cannabiz Media License Database and how you can use it to build your business by improving your sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and business intelligence.

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