What to Post on LinkedIn (and Examples of Cannabis Companies Setting the Standard)

LinkedIn has established itself and remains the premiere go-to platform for professionals and businesses. Boasting a user base of over 740 million, this presents an unparalleled and unique chance for you to spotlight your expertise, forge connections with industry frontrunners, and construct a robust business circle.

For companies within the cannabis industry, figuring out what content to share on LinkedIn can prove to be a complex task, but you can breathe a little easier knowing that LinkedIn does NOT censor content — so you can promote your company, post images of cannabis and talk about it all you want (just make sure to avoid actually trying to sell any cannabis products; as that is strictly prohibited). This article delves into effective content concepts and offers multiple examples illustrating how B2B cannabis companies excel on LinkedIn.

1. Thought Leadership Articles

One of the most impactful methods for establishing credibility and showcasing expertise on LinkedIn is by sharing thought leadership articles. These articles enable you to share valuable insights, viewpoints, and prevailing industry trends to your audience. Consider Paragon Payroll for instance. Their LinkedIn presence is overflowing with informative articles encompassing diverse marketing and sales subjects, offering advice and valuable industry insights.

Paragon Payroll, Inc. LinkedIn Post Example

2. Employee Spotlights

People establish connections with people, and spotlighting your employees can infuse a human touch into your brand. Highlighting your team not only boosts internal morale but also allows potential clients and customers to get to know the faces behind your company. Luxor Scientific gets a gold star when it comes to this approach. They regularly feature their team on LinkedIn, which not only humanizes their brand, but also fosters a greater sense of community.

Luxor Scientific LinkedIn Post Example

3. Sneak Peeks Behind the Curtain

Providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company can be instrumental in cultivating trust and fostering an authentic connection. Sharing photos or videos that offer glimpses into your office culture, events, or product evolution can be remarkably effective. Worthington Industries and Evolved Extraction Solutions shine in this strategy, offering captivating content that humanizes their brand – be it team festivities or volunteer engagements.

Worthington Industries LinkedIn Post Example
Evolved Extraction Solutions

4. Case Studies and Success Stories

Sharing success stories and case studies on LinkedIn can provide tangible validation of the value your business brings to its clients or customers. This content allows you to showcase real-world instances of your accomplishments and the favorable influence you exert on your clients' businesses. Fyllo is a consistent practitioner of this approach. They frequently divulge case studies spotlighting how their solutions have assisted clients in surmounting obstacles and attaining extraordinary outcomes.

Fyllo LinkedIn Post Example

5. Industry News and Insights

Staying up-to-date with industry trends and sharing relevant news can position your company as a trusted source of information. By curating and sharing worthwhile and valuable content from reputable sources, you can establish yourself as an industry thought luminary. Greenspoon Marder LLP does an excellent job of this by consistently sharing thought-provoking articles, reports, and research findings that keep their audience informed.

Greenspoon Marder LLP LinkedIn Post Example

Hot Tips

Below are a couple hot tips that you should also be incorporating to help you truly excel on LinkedIn:

  • Hashtags: The top cannabis industry hashtags to use on LinkedIn (#cannabisindustry, #cannabiscommunity and #cannabisbusiness) have tens of thousands of followers, so using hashtags on your posts can significantly enhance the visibility and reach of your content. By strategically including relevant hashtags, you can connect with a broader audience, engage with cannabis industry experts, and join conversations around trending cannabis topics. However, it's essential to use hashtags thoughtfully and sparingly—just focus on a few key, pertinent tags.
  • Going Live: Harnessing the power of live video on LinkedIn can be a valuable addition to your content strategy, helping you connect, inform, and engage with your target audience more effectively. When you go live you can engage in real-time, build trust, increase visibility and boost engagement. The best use of going live on LinkedIn is to check-in at events (ie. tradeshows and conferences), host webinars or live podcasts, announce product launches or do a behind-the-scenes tour.


LinkedIn offers a dynamic platform for cannabis businesses to thrive and connect with their audience. By implementing these innovative content strategies, you can bolster your presence, foster trust, and position yourself as a leader within the cannabis industry. So, go ahead and harness the power of LinkedIn to elevate your brand and engage with your network in a meaningful and impactful way!

If you are wanting a more sales-centric LinkedIn marketing guide, check out this post on how to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting in the cannabis industry. Or perhaps you are wondering when and how often you should post? This article covers all of that for B2B cannabis brands.

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