Dynamic Exports

Seamlessly integrate our cannabis & hemp market intelligence with your existing platforms and workflows. Included at no additional charge with most subscription plans.
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Export data on cannabis and hemp licenses and contacts for use in any other platform.

Segment a list of licenses or contacts using targeted search filters.
Click ‘Export’ to download a CSV file containing 20+ data points on each record.
Upload the file to any other platform or CRM, or conduct analysis within the spreadsheet.
Future exports will only include new changes, saving time and avoiding duplicates.

Licensed cannabis & hemp facilities

Cultivators, manufacturers, testing labs, dispensaries, retailers, and more. Export data on the license holders in your key target audience based on a number of enhanced data filters such as location, facility size, POS system, extraction method, lighting type, and more.
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Greenleaf Growers business listing with company contacts
Dani Luce corporate contact for G.O.A.T labs

Key stakeholders & decision makers

From executives to growers, marketers to purchasers. Export data on your ideal target audience based on corporate level, role, licensed activity, and more for both the individual licensed locations as well as their parent companies.
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"It is so important that I know exactly who has each license. Was the license valid? Was it transferred? There is no other way to get that than the Cannabiz Media Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform."
- Michael Piermont, Leaf Trade
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