Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Agrify

Cannabiz Media spoke with Agrify’s Director of Marketing, Rachel Fournier, to learn how she and her team use the Cannabiz Media License Database for marketing, sales, research, news updates, and more. 

Rachel even shared some great tips for others to reach their goals and get the most value possible from their subscriptions to the License Database, which is the leading source of verified cannabis and hemp license holder leads in the United States, Canada, and international markets.

What is Agrify?

Agrify develops premium indoor grow solutions for the cannabis and hemp marketplaces. The company’s mission is to assist horticulturalists in producing the highest quality crops possible with both consistency and superior yields.

Agrify is frequently recognized as a leader in the cannabis industry. Recently, Green Market Report awarded its 2022 Cannabis Technology Award for Best Cultivation Technology to Agrify.

Green Market Report Award Winners Agrify and Cannabiz Media
2022 Green Market Report Cannabis Technology Award recipients – (l. to r.) Agrify Director of Software Engineering Keenan Keeling - Best Culivation Tech and Cannabiz Media VP of Sales Davis Thode - Best Platform Design

Why Does Agrify Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

Agrify subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database to directly support its sales and marketing efforts. “The Cannabiz Media License Database has been an amazing tool for us – for our marketing and for our sales teams,” says Rachel. “We have everybody using it at this point. It’s probably the only database that I’ve come across that really has all of the contacts that we need in a central location.”

In comparison to similar tools on the market, Rachel and her team believe Cannabiz Media’s tool is the best. Rachel explains, “Every time we’re on a call to look at other sales tools, it’s never industry-specific. When we ask them to pull up our category, there are like 10 contacts. Even the tools that are more specific or catering towards the cannabis industry, I’ve found that they include a lot of generic contacts, and I can’t always get to a decision maker.”

One of the many reasons Agrify is a Cannabiz Media subscriber is because of the high quality of the data. “Other sales tools don’t have this kind of data,” says Rachel. “It seems like whoever put the Cannabiz Media License Database together has worked on the other side of things. The contacts Cannabiz Media has and the categories and filters the License Database provides are extremely beneficial.”

The Agrify team uses many of the features and functionality offered in the Cannabiz Media License Database to improve their sales and marketing results by identifying opportunities and matching messages to the right audiences. “I love the filters in the License Database,” shares Rachel. “They were definitely carefully thought out, and they allow us to be very specific in our messaging, which is so important. We can even drill down to HPS versus LED lighting, or we can see who’s had violations.”

Rachel and the team at Agrify also use the Cannabiz Media License Database for research and keeping up on industry news. “I love the email updates,” says Rachel. “I’m constantly floating them around the company saying, ‘Hey, did you see this?’ I just appreciate how up-to-date it always is, and I feel it’s endless with information.”

For others using the Cannabiz Media License Database to connect with cannabis and hemp license holders, Rachel offers a number of helpful tips:

  • “Be intentional in your messaging. Know what it is you want to get across.”
  • “Be very deliberate in who you’re reaching out to.”
  • “Instead of doing a mass email blast, be more specific and more custom in your messaging and you’ll get a much better response rate.”
  • “Provide value.”
  • “Create content offers that matter.”
  • “People want to understand brands right now, and while they’re getting inundated with messages, the more personal you can be, the better.”
  • “Remember little things like using people’s names and companies’ names.”
  • “Have a conversation path in mind. If people are engaging with your email, know what you want your next step to be and have different next steps based off of the types of response.”
  • “Get the people on your team to highlight who they are and give more of a human element to what you’re doing.”

What’s Next for Agrify?

Looking toward the future, Rachel shares, “We’re always fine-tuning and working on finding solutions that pair well with our overall solution, so that continues to be updated.”

For more information about Agrify and to hear additional insights from Rachel Fournier, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Rachel as the guest.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business, like it helps Agrify, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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