Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – BioTrack

BioTrack is a leading seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale software for the cannabis industry. The company’s seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system not only helps licensed operators stay compliant, but it also helps them identify key data points that can be used to streamline and optimize inventory management during cultivation, processing, transportation, lab testing, and dispensing.

Cannabiz Media spoke with Justin Mayhall, Marketing Director at BioTrack, to learn more about his company and how the BioTrack team uses the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to grow their business.

Why Does BioTrack Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

BioTrack subscribes to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for its marketing tools – particularly the email marketing features – and its business intelligence opportunities.

“I am a huge fan of Cannabiz Media,” says Justin. “I can directly attribute some of BioTrack’s success and Helix Technologies’ success overall to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.”

As the Marketing Director for BioTrack, Justin primarily uses the email marketing capabilities in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. “Without the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, I wouldn’t be able to reach license holders and states that are not our customers already,” he shares. “I just wouldn’t have a means of getting in front of them with our message. It’s really user-friendly, and I love the email builder. A lot of companies that specialize only in email marketing don’t come close to having the versatility that the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform has in its email builder, and I’m certainly thankful for that.”

In addition, Justin uses the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for its business intelligence features. He explains, “Most recently, I started using the data that Cannabiz Media has been publishing in the Cannacurio blog posts. The information in those posts drives the decisions that I make in marketing as to what states I need to be reaching out to and who I need to be sending what messages to. So really, taking the program as a whole and putting it together, the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform has certainly been a wonderful and powerful tool for us.”

Justin offers recommendations for marketers who subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to get the best results from their campaigns. “Make sure you know your audience,” Justin advises. “Emailing someone in Oklahoma is not going to have the same message or the same tone as emailing someone in Oregon or in another established market.

“Understand where people are along their journey to opening up their business because if you’re just emailing blanketed messages across all 50 states, you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.

“But if you really take the time to understand where people are at and the messaging they need to hear, I think you’ll find a lot of success with Cannabiz Media’s email marketing tools – especially the tools in the platform that make it so easy to segment. There are so many different filters that you can use to segment the licensees lists.”

What’s Next for BioTrack?

BioTrack recently launched its new Cannalytics product which brings business intelligence and data analytics to the BioTrack system by giving dispensary owners and managers the data they need to make better business decisions and run more efficiently. As the 32nd fastest growing technology company according to the Deloitte Fast 500 ranking, more innovative products are already in the pipeline for BioTrack.

For more information about BioTrack and to hear additional insights from Justin Mayhall, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Justin as the special guest.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform can help your business, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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