Cannabiz Media Wins The Emjays International Cannabis Award for Market Research / Data Firm of the Year

Cannabiz Media won The Emjays - International Cannabis Award for Market Research/Data Firm of the Year! This prestigious honor was awarded during The Emjay's inaugural celebration. The black-tie gala, held during MJBizCon on November 30th at the iconic Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, acknowledged Cannabiz Media's outstanding contribution to market research and data solutions in the cannabis industry.

What are The Emjays - International Cannabis Awards?

The cannabis industry has yearned for a means of acknowledging outstanding businesses and individuals who stand out as leaders and innovators within their respective business categories. While numerous awards and accolades celebrate the finest cannabis products, there has been a noticeable void in recognizing companies specializing in ancillary services and products that play a pivotal role in supporting the cannabis market. This void prompted the creation of The Emjays - International Cannabis Awards, a collaborative effort between renowned event producers, Farechild Events, and the industry's largest cannabis trade show and media entity, MJBizCon. This prestigious initiative aims to fill the gap by honoring excellence in ancillary services and products, providing a platform for well-deserved recognition within the cannabis community.

The Emjays - International Cannabis Awards were given out in the following 24 categories, and awarded to:

Every award category featured six finalists selected during the initial nomination phase, which spanned from May 12 to July 30, 2023. The winners in each category were determined through a "Public Voting" process, allowing registered public users to cast daily votes for their preferred finalists in each category. Complementing this public input, an internal judging panel was constituted, comprising members from MJBizCon, Farechild, and a coalition of leading cannabis media companies. The final results, a culmination of "Public Votes" and "Internal Judging," were blended to determine the ultimate winners.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

At the heart of this accolade is Cannabiz Media's commitment to excellence in crafting innovative solutions for the cannabis sector. The company's groundbreaking approach has continually raised the bar, setting new standards for market research and data firms within the cannabis landscape.

The Emjays Market Research/Data Firm of the Year Award

This esteemed award is a testament to Cannabiz Media's unwavering dedication to advancing the cannabis industry through cutting-edge market research and data-driven insights. The company's impactful contributions have not only resonated within the industry but have also positioned Cannabiz Media as a trailblazer in shaping the future of cannabis data solutions.

A Glimpse into Cannabiz Media's Platform

The award-winning platform, celebrated for its excellence in design, caters to a diverse range of industry needs. Originally conceived as a CRM tailored to meet the unique demands of the cannabis sector, the Cannabiz Media Market Intelligence Platform has evolved into a multifaceted solution.

Meet Our Hubs:

  • The Growth Hub: Scale your business with cannabis operators using a CRM that comes full loaded with verified leads and best-in-class email marketing tool.
  • The Insight Hub: Analyze cannabis license and company financials to inform your next move. Plus discover M&A targets, review transactions dating back to 2018, and simulate acquisitions.
  • The Compliance Hub: Verify cannabis license holder information to gain confidence that you are managing risk and remaining compliant by working with legitimate operators.
  • The Enterprise Hub: Customize your hub with your own suite of data, APIs, and tools capable of integrating across the whole operation.

Impact on the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabiz Media Market Intelligence Platform has been a catalyst for industry growth, with one client reporting a seven-figure ROI. The platform's unique design has revolutionized lead generation, sales, and marketing, providing an unparalleled, all-encompassing solution in the cannabis realm.

Looking Ahead

Cannabiz Media remains committed to innovation and will continue to address emerging challenges in the cannabis industry, further expanding access to robust, reliable, and meaningful data.

As Cannabiz Media celebrates the achievement of The Emjays Market Research/Data Firm of the Year Award, the journey of revolutionizing the cannabis data landscape continues. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking advancements in the coming year!

For a closer look at the award-winning Cannabiz Media Market Intelligence Platform, schedule a demo to experience which hub is right for you.

Read the full press release from Cannabiz Media here.

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