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10 Ways CRM Can Boost Your Cannabis or Cannabis-Related Business

It’s extremely difficult to stay competitive in any industry today, including the cannabis industry, without a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place, and the data proves it. Companies using a CRM realize a 41% increase in revenue.

How to Create a B2B CRM Strategy for Your Cannabis Business

Today, customers expect businesses to know who they are, understand their wants and needs, personalize communications, and create experiences specifically for them. Your cannabis or cannabis-related business can’t meet and exceed customer expectations if you don’t know who they are and deliver what they want at the right times. Fortunately, a solid CRM strategy combined with CRM software can help you meet customers’ needs across the entire customer lifecycle – from prospect to loyal repeat customer and vocal brand advocate.

Benefits of CRM to Cannabis and Ancillary Businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) involves managing all interactions with every customer and lead to improve a company’s sales and reduce churn. CRM is important to all businesses working in and with the cannabis industry today. In fact, the benefits of CRM to cannabis and ancillary businesses of all sizes are far-reaching – affecting not just sales but also marketing and customer service.