Cannacurio: License Contact Points – Beyond the Email Address

This week we’ll take a departure from license data to highlight some of the unique information we aggregate to help you get a clearer understanding of licensed businesses, their owners and key employees.

Cannabiz Media now tracks 30,003 active cannabis licenses and this information is sought after by thousands of vendors and professional service providers. To help the marketplace research these participants the research team seeks out dozens of data points that will never be found on a state website. Moving beyond providing “a list for an email blast” we have gathered over 42,000 Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter handles, and websites links. Here’s a current tally:

Key Social Media Contact Points

Why Is This Important?

B2B marketers often try to cast a very wide net with their marketing campaigns in hopes of appealing to as many companies as possible in their target market. The approach is often a “spray and pray” email approach to try and get leads for the sales force. Sadly this often produces substandard results as well as angry recipients – the dispensary owner has no need for a greenhouse.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an alternative B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. That is one of the reasons we have incorporated the social data above as it can be used to achieve several goals:

How To Leverage Social Data

By utilizing the channels above your team can increase their chances for success by learning about the targeted accounts and warm them up by following and commenting on various social media platforms. For example, Taylor Jones, VP of Sales at TILT Holdings advised on a recent podcast that often the only way to reach a cultivator is via Instagram – where they can show off their grow.  Other successful customers utilize the 45,000 phone numbers in the database to help close their deals.

Some marketers will make use of outbound targeting on platforms where messages can be filtered. One expert suggests if you’re on Facebook and you want to post something that will appeal to leads in a particular region or industry, use Facebook’s segmentation tool to send a message to just those leads. This way, you’re not sending messages that make other leads feel alienated, but you’re making those targeted leads feel much more appreciated and seen.

What Else?

These channels are a starting point. As you bring your clients through the sales funnel from suspect, to prospect to lead to customer you should take advantage of the following Cannabiz Media information sources as well:

  • Phone Numbers – over 45,000
  • News Stories – 9,230
  • Violations – 4,273 covering 20 states
  • Trade Association Affiliations – 4,865 licenses that are members of NCIA, CCIA, NACB, HCGA and Growers Network

These data points may be associated at the license, company or contact level and all provide additional insight beyond an email address.


The Cannabiz Media Data Vault contains thousands of touch points beyond an email address to reach the marketplace. Strategic marketing and sales teams will use all resources at their disposal as they move suspects, to prospects, to leads and finally customers.

Cannabiz Media customers can stay up-to-date on these and other new licenses through our newsletters, alerts, and reports modules. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive these weekly reports delivered to your inbox. Or you can schedule a demo for more information on how to access the Cannabiz Media License Database yourself to dive further into this data.

Cannacurio is a weekly column from Cannabiz Media featuring insights from the most comprehensive license data platform.

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