Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Delta9 Systems

Delta9 Systems, a division of General Data, provides traceability, workflow, and labeling solutions to cannabis businesses. Currently, the Delta9 Systems solutions are integrated into a number of cannabis seed-to-sale software tools including METRC, 365 Cannabis, and more. The solutions offered by Delta9 Systems work with the entire supply chain in any state with legal medical and/or recreational cannabis markets.

In addition, the company’s Purpl PRO application offers an affordable and accurate way to measure cannabis potency with a simple testing device that connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone.

As the cannabis-dedicated division of General Data, Delta9 Systems benefits from General Data’s deep knowledge and experience in traceability, barcode tracking, and labeling technologies.

I spoke with General Data’s Ralph Moher, Vice President of Marketing, and Chris Guthrie, General Manager/Business Development Manager for Delta9 Systems, to learn more about their company and how they use the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to support their strategic initiatives.

Why Does Delta9 Systems Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

Delta9 Systems subscribes to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to communicate to cannabis license holders about the company’s new products, promote special offers, collect lead intelligence, gather business insights, and qualify leads.

“The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform gives us insights into where people are in the licensing process – pre-, active, etc.” explains Chris. “Making contact with cannabis businesses before their licenses are active is critical for us because they need a traceability system in place before their license is active – before the business opens and an inspector comes and wants to see the security and traceability systems.”

Early connections and communications are crucial to Delta9 Systems. Ralph shares, “Brand recognition – getting people to know who we are, what we do, and our value proposition – the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform has been one of the best ways to do it. It’s the best and most comprehensive database of everyone in the cannabis and hemp industries that’s available, and being able to communicate with the people in the database is critical to us.”

The team at Delta9 Systems doesn’t just use the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for email marketing. “It’s more than just a database of contacts,” says Ralph. “There is much more value to it – for example, being able to use the news feed to get better communication and rapport with customers.”

Specifically, Delta9 Systems uses the news feed feature included with their Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform subscription to conduct research about hemp producers and licenses across the United States. The team uses that information to create business opportunities.

“For example, one of our salespeople found a news item in the feed about a license holder who had a problem that Delta9 Systems’ solutions could solve,” shares Chris. “He used that story to reach out to the license holder and talk about ways to upgrade their traceability systems to help solve the problem. That led to a site visit and an opportunity to build a relationship and rapport that led to future sales.”

The Delta9 Systems team also appreciates how accurate the information in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is. Ralph says, “The contact information in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is very, very good. I’ve worked with a lot of companies with lists, but the list quality was never good enough. The quality of the data in theCannabis Market Intelligence Platform is very high.”

Using the features and quality data available in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, Delta9 Systems has seen measurable results from the email campaigns the team has sent, particularly when promoting its Purpl PRO product. “Anytime we send email through the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for the Purpl PRO product, we can see visits to our website skyrocket, and they turn into real sales,” says Chris. “The people in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform want to hear our message, and we can see that through open rates, conversion rates, and more.”

What’s Next for Delta9 Systems?

In the future, Ralph says Delta9 Systems will continue to establish itself as a trusted authority for cannabis businesses that enables them to be more successful, and Chris points out that the company will continue to connect pieces of technology that need to be in line in the cannabis industry.

Delta9 Systems is already actively working to bring systems for the cannabis industry to the hemp market where processors work with much larger volumes, more vendors, and more touchpoints. In addition, the company is preparing for FDA regulation of cannabis and hemp in the future. Chris says, “When that happens, businesses without good traceability and labeling will be left behind.”

At the same time, the Cannabiz Media team will continue to deliver accurate data on cannabis and hemp license holders to Delta9 Systems and all of its subscribers as well as to develop new features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform that support subscribers’ growth initiatives.

To learn more about what subscribing to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform can do for your business, schedule a free demo.

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