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An easy-to-use campaign builder, built-in distribution lists, and powerful analytics arm you with an unbeatable, full-service email marketing experience that spells success.

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Email Marketing Client Spotlight

See how other companies are getting results by emailing industry license holders through Cannabiz Media.

How Panacea Payroll Drove Email Marketing Open Rates 14X Higher

Panacea Payroll was wasn’t getting the open rates from their email marketing campaigns that they needed to build brand awareness among cannabis and hemp license holders in order to generate, nurture, and qualify sales leads. Cannabiz Media's Email Success Team helped increase opens.

How Boveda Achieved 12X Higher Email Marketing Engagement

Boveda was getting low open rates and engagement from their email marketing campaigns, which meant they weren’t generating qualified leads for the sales team from their email marketing investments. Cannabiz Media's Email Success Team helped increase opens and engagement.

How Munch Machine Increased Sales from Email Marketing by 20%

Despite offering a product that cannabis cultivators want, Munch Machine was getting low open rates and click rates from their email marketing campaigns. Cannabiz Media's Email Success Team helped Munch Machine boost opens, clicks, and sales!

Meet the team behind our clients' impressive results - the Email Success Team

Most email marketing tools expect that you already know what you’re doing, but becoming an email marketing whiz takes time and practice. With Cannabiz Media, you have the Email Success Team behind you every step of the way.

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Strategy Consultations

Tap into our email experts who help with everything from building your ideal target audience to avoiding the dreaded spam filter to optimizing your delivery windows.

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Content Coaching

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to write more clickable subject lines and deliver the kind of content your audience craves.

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Domain Health Monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye on your sender reputation to maintain trust among email service providers far and wide.

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Informational Webinars

Live and on-demand topical webinars let you hone your skills on your own schedule.

Inspire creative genius, no matter your skill level.

Drag and drop your way to beautiful emails or tap into specially crafted templates to tell your unique story. Mobile optimization ensures that your message dazzles no matter how your audience prefers to connect.

Reach your ideal audience, everytime.

Imagine an email marketing tool that comes pre-loaded with all the precise leads you’re looking for. Fine-tuned targeting lets you create email marketing segments in the industry by location, license activity, license status, role within the company, and more.

Automatic list maintenance means you continue to engage with the most relevant audience while protecting your sender reputation. And foolproof deliverability tools ensure your audience receives your email at the time that’s best for them.

Get to know your audience on a deeper level.

Leverage results to enhance your email marketing strategy even further. A comprehensive analytics report reveals who your hottest leads are making follow-ups effortless. Ongoing distribution tracking gives you the answer key to the perfect day and time to send your next campaign. And exclusive peer comparisons let you see how your emails stack up against the competition.

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