How Boveda Achieved 12X Higher Email Marketing Engagement

Boveda and its Original Terpene Shield product, which provides 2-way humidity control to protect against terpene loss, are very well-known in the cannabis industry. Founded in 1997, Boveda is the inventor and patent holder of precision 2-way humidity control. The company has been in the cannabis industry protecting terpenes since 2007. 

Today, Boveda subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database to support its business development and sales initiatives by connecting with cannabis and hemp license holders.

The Problem

Boveda was getting low open rates and engagement from their email marketing campaigns, which meant they weren’t generating qualified leads for the sales team from their email marketing investments.

The Solution

Boveda’s account manager at Cannabiz Media recommended that the Cannabiz Media Email Success Team take a look at the history of Boveda’s email marketing through the Cannabiz Media License Database to determine if there were any issues negatively affecting their email deliverability or opportunities for improvement in list segmentation and content to boost engagement.

After completing its analysis, the Email Success Team held an Email Analysis session via Zoom with Briana Schepper, Boveda’s Email and CRM Marketing Manager, to present their findings and discuss recommendations.

The Email Success Team identified three key ways to improve engagement and overall results in the future:

  1. Develop an email marketing strategy to boost engagement, more effectively track recipient behaviors, and identify qualified leads for Boveda’s sales team.
  2. Segment lists into more hyper-targeted audiences using the criteria in the Cannabiz Media License Database to ensure future campaigns only go to recipients who will actually be interested in Boveda’s messages.
  3. Improve subject lines and message content to provide more value to recipients, and ensure subject lines and content are personalized and relevant to each segmented audience.

Implementing the Solution

Briana and the Boveda team began working on a new email marketing strategy after the Email Analysis session, and they’ve been implementing the Email Success Team’s recommendations into their email campaigns.

1. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy to Identify Qualified Leads

During the Email Analysis Session with Boveda, Cannabiz Media’s Email Success Team explained the importance of sending sequences of messages based on a strategy to build brand awareness and trust that generates and nurtures leads. The purpose of this process is to ensure their sales team focuses their time on qualified leads.

“The first time we implemented feedback from the Email Success Team was when we set up three email campaigns that went out in August,” explains Briana. “We started working more closely with our Cannabiz Media account manager and learned we could use the Scorecard feature in the License Database to select certain counties that we want to target. We were able to find cultivators in the Humboldt, California area and narrow the audience down from there.”

Ultimately, the Scorecard feature is helping Boveda improve its targeting for email marketing, and it’s helping their sales team as well. “The Scorecard is helping the sales team chunk up their goals to a more digestible area,” explains Briana. “For example, they could go by zip code and say, ‘okay, my goal is to call these 10 people, and I can move on.’”

With a new strategic approach to email marketing to leads in the Cannabiz Media License Database, Boveda was ready to start sending campaigns and turning those cold leads into qualified leads for the sales team.

2. Segment Lists into Smaller, Hyper-Targeted Audiences

One of the biggest problems that the Email Success Team identified for Boveda’s prior email marketing campaigns was a lack of strategic list segmentation. Ultimately, their messages were going to many recipients who were not in their target audience. The Email Success Team provided recommendations to create smaller, hyper-targeted audience lists using the filtering criteria available in the Cannabiz Media License Database.

Briana shares, “The Cannabiz Media License Database is an easy resource to be able to have all those filters and find the people we want to target, so we worked with Boveda’s sales account executive to identify the right audiences for our campaigns. 

“Our goal for this quarter was to identify a market to test some things, and then, we want to apply what sticks to other areas in the country. In the future, we’ll email different geographic areas and continue learning. For example, we’ll get a great comparison of mature markets vs. startup markets and how they react to our messaging.”

3. Improve Subject Line and Content Relevancy for Each Audience Segment

Another problem that Cannabiz Media’s Email Success Team helped Boveda solve was the relevancy of their email subject lines and message content by providing a variety of improvement recommendations. To increase engagement, the right people must receive the right messages, so personalization and relevancy go hand-in-hand with list segmentation. 

“In our subject line for our messages after the Email Analysis session, we used more of an ‘if you work with us, you’re going to grow more confidently’ approach. I think that the subject line had that emotional word ‘confidently’ and really got people perked up.”

“We took a look at the copy in our message and tried to strip away as much of the selling aspect as we could while still telling people what we do and can offer them. We’re thinking about how we can get them to interact with us rather than just offering to set up an account for them. 

“We also made sure that we had the first name of the contact properly generate in each email message, and we moved the image of our product to the bottom of the message, so people get the relationship between the Boveda name and what our product looks like.

The Results

With a new strategy, more targeted list segmentation, and improved subject lines and message content, recipient engagement with Boveda’s email campaigns skyrocketed nearly 7X higher than what they saw before implementing the recommendations from Cannabiz Media’s Email Success Team. 

“Our subject line is really hitting home with people, shares Briana. For the three messages sent as part of Boveda’s new strategy, 70.57% of recipients positively engaged. Open rates climbed as high as 74.17% from an 11.11% open rate before the solutions provided by the Email Success Team were implemented.

As Briana and her team continue to refine their email marketing strategy, narrow down the right target audiences, and further personalize message subject lines and content, their engagement results should continue to go up.

To learn more about how the Cannabiz Media License Database and the Email Success Team can help you get more qualified sales leads like Boveda, schedule a demo today.

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