Cannacurio: Active Manufacturing Licenses In 2019 By State

This week we turn our attention to another part of the cannabis value chain: Manufacturing. This includes companies that create, infuse and make products or extracts. Nationwide there are 46 different license names for this activity and two thirds are from California. As we saw last week with dispensary/retail licenses, California and Oklahoma lead the pack accounting for 86% of 2019’s 2,498 issued licenses.

Active Cannabis Manufacturing Licenses 2019

Key Insights:

  • Once again, it was a tale of Oklahoma and California for new Manufacturer licenses with Nevada a distant third.
  • There are gigantic differences between the oligopolistic states like Iowa and PA and their western counterparts.
  • In reviewing these licenses, there appears to be little in the way of market dominance - a quick perusal shows a few firms garnered four new licenses in 2019 and when this occurs they are usually in one state, not four. The license holders received four manufacturing licenses in 2019:

            • MedMen Manufacturing in California & Nevada

            • HERBAL GARDEN EXTRACT LLC in Colorado

             • Livfree Wellness LLC in Nevada

            • MJ Distributing Inc in Nevada

            • Papa and Barkley in California

State Breakdown:

So far this year California and Oklahoma have already issued 20 and 19 manufacturing licenses respectively out of total of 45 nationwide though both are below their 2019 average of 90 and 100 per month.

Active Cannabis Manufacturing Licenses By State 2019

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