Cannabis Software Stack Report Now Available

Cannabiz Media’s new research report – Cannabis Software Stack – has been published and provides critical insights about seed-to-sale and point-of-sale software license opportunities (i.e., a state’s potential addressable market) in 2020.

The Cannabis Software Stack Executive Summary is available for free download now.

cannabis software stack book
download free executive summary

The full version of the white paper is available for free to Cannabiz Media License Database subscribers. Contact the Cannabiz Media team at to get a copy of the full report.

Who is the Cannabis Software Stack Report For?

The Cannabis Software Stack report will be useful for a variety of stakeholders in the cannabis industry, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Regulators: The report provides insight into the size and scope of the software landscape and details about companies regulators may be working with.
  • Existing Software Vendors: Software providers can get competitive and business intelligence from the report as well as information to help find future partners and acquisition candidates.
  • Investors: The report offers a roster of potential acquisitions or partners for investors’ portfolio companies.
  • Existing Cannabis License Holders: Licensees can access information in the report to gauge the footprint of software vendors in order to make critical business decisions.

In addition, Cannabiz Media will use the data collected through its research to build its vendor directory and the Cannabiz Media License Database even further, which will provide deeper insights and opportunities for our subscribers as well as offer a reliable way for license holders to learn who among their peers is using these software products and services.

What’s in the Report?

To analyze the cannabis software stack today, the Cannabiz Media team began by identifying each state regulator’s choice for seed-to-sale contractors and then researched the 332 companies we found connected to the seed-to-sale ecosystem.

We also categorized each software provider based on the sector they belong in. The methodology behind this categorization system is explained in detail in the report. Our research team identified four software sectors:

  • Back Office: 95 providers
  • Activity: 68 providers
  • Transactional: 31 providers
  • Advisory: 60 providers

Using the available data compiled by our research team, we developed a Cannabis Software Stack Market Map shown in the image below.

cannabis software stack market map

Key Report Highlights

Some of the data highlights that the Cannabiz Media team uncovered through its cannabis software research include:

  • There are currently five companies with state seed-to-sale contracts: METRC, Akerna/Leaf Data Systems, Biotrack Helix, Kind Agrisoft, and BioMauris.
  • 332 unique companies connect to METRC or Leaf Data Services in Washington, and collectively, they’re responsible for 949 connections, which accounts for 16,716 active licenses.
  • 14 states use METRC.
  • The 95 companies in the Back Office sector make 419 connections to 15 states with 81% of them connecting in California.
  • The 28 active companies in the Transactional sector, make 56 connections to 12 states with 50% connecting in California.
  • The 68 companies in the Activity sector make 226 connections to 15 states with 71% connecting in California.
  • The 60 companies in the Advisory sector make 116 connections to 15 states with 50% connecting in California.
  • Nearly half of software vendors (48%) are based in California (34%) and Colorado (13%).

Learn More in the Cannabis Software Stack Report

Download the free Executive Summary for more details from the Cannabis Software Stack report, and if you’re a Cannabiz Media License Database, contact us at to request the full report with all of the data, charts, findings, and conclusions.

cannabis software stack book
download free executive summary

Don’t forget! All of the license data included in the research report (and much more) is available in the Cannabiz Media License Database. Schedule a free demo to see how it can help your business reach its goals.

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