Do More with the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform Using the Newest Features

Now, you can do more than ever with the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform using the new features that were just launched. Managing contacts and your relationships and communications with them just got easier!

The latest features make the email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools within the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform more robust and easier to use, so you can better connect with marijuana and hemp license holders across the United States and Canada. The new release includes both design and function improvements. Let’s take a closer look.

Enhanced Data

The new release of the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform adds Enhanced Data to users on the Group/Business and Enterprise subscription plans. This enhanced data provides deeper insights into each business listed in the Database. At launch, six enhanced data points are being added to records:

  • Number of employees
  • Facility square footage
  • Type of point-of-sale (POS) system used
  • Type of lights used
  • Type of extraction method(s) used
  • Information on the purchasing manager

The Cannabiz Media team is working quickly to add the above information to every business listed in the Database.

Improved Design with Tabs

The new version of the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform also debuts an updated visual design that makes it easier to manage your contacts. Most importantly, tabs were introduced and can be accessed from the Account Dashboard and on individual contact records.

Using tabs, you can view contacts, quickly gather information about related licenses for contacts, and easily track the email campaigns that individual license holders have received from you and actively engaged with by opening them or clicking links within the messages.

The image below shows how the visual design and contact information looks in the new Database release. The most vital information is available in a single screen with tabbed access to related licenses, emails, state news, license news, violations, and any documents associated with a contact’s record as attachments (e.g., a copy of the license application).

Tags and Favorites

Tags and favorites allow you to target and track your contacts more effectively. There are three primary types of tags that you can use in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform:

  1. Auto Tags: These tags are automatically appended to contact records when specific actions are completed. For example, these tags are added to a contact’s record when you send an email message. This makes it easy for you to identify who received specific messages from you. Auto tags are shared with anyone in your organization who has a user account to access your Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform subscription.
  2. Custom Tags: You create custom tags as you need them. For example, you can create a tag to identify specific segments of customers or stages of your sales pipeline. Custom tags are shared with anyone in your organization who has an account tied to your Database subscription.
  3. Favorites: These are used to help you quickly find contact records. You can favorite any contact record at any time. Favorites are only visible to the user who assigns them.

You can quickly find all contacts that share a specific tag by utilizing the search filters automatically created for each Tag. This is shown in the image below. Notice the tags in the left column that this user could select.

Once you complete your search, the records returned in the search results will show the tags associated with each contact. You can see this in the image below.

When you open a specific contact’s record in the Database, you can see all of the associated tags (shown on the left side of the image below) and the Favorite star will be highlighted (shown on the right side of the image below) if you tagged the record as a favorite.

The video below provides an introduction to the new tags and favorites features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.

More New Features (And More Coming in the Future)

In addition to all of the features listed above, the newest version of the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform includes more enhancements that improve the user experience. For example, you can now filter recipients of an email campaign by including or excluding tags, and set a maximum number of recipients.

You can also archive unneeded email campaign drafts and much more! If you already have a subscription to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, log in and check out the new enhancements now.

Coming soon in the next version of the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is the ability to add Notes to records as well as set Reminders. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can subscribe now or request a demo.

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