Cannacurio: 95% of This Year’s Cultivation Licenses Have Been Issued by Two States

Last month we shared that California and Oklahoma were responsible for 95% of the new cultivation licenses issued and that trend is continuing in 2020. In the first two months of the year we have tracked 1,232 new licenses with 690 (56%) from California and 484 (39%) from Oklahoma. A few other states issued licenses, but none were close to the quantities in these two states.

California & Oklahoma Licenses Issued Since Q1 2019

The table below shows the top five states that have issued new cultivation licenses so far this year.

2020 New Active Cultivator Licenses Created By Month

One key finding is that California cultivator are more likely to win multiple licenses. In reviewing the 1,232 licenses issued, the biggest winners were in California:

California Cultivators Awarded Multiple Licenses

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