Cannacurio: Dispensary & Retailer Leaderboard (July 2020 Update)

Through July 2020 new dispensaries and retailers continue to enter the marketplace. So far this year we have tracked 781. Those licenses represent an 11% increase from the 6,927 at the beginning of the year. 21 states have added at least one active license this year. Oklahoma still retains the lead and has accounted for 261 of the 781 (33%).

Key Findings

  • Oklahoma leads again with 261 new licenses
  • Michigan came in second with 182 new licenses – up 80% since January 1
  • California is third with 70 new licenses
2020 New Active Dispensaries/Retailers By Month

Michigan continues to issue licenses at a healthy clip. They accounted for 40 of the 93 (43%) issued nationwide in July.

Michigan Dispensary/Retailer Licenses Added 2020


Thanks to being certified as essential businesses, cannabis retailers and dispensaries continue to thrive. The table above shows that six of the states (Oklahoma, Michigan, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Illinois) have all added new stores in their states every month this year. Even mature markets like Oregon, Colorado and Washington have brought new licenses online. It will be interesting to see what kinds of license schemes are developed when new states pass referendums in November – will they opt for Oklahama’s free-for-all or Rhode Island’s $500K per license model?

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