Missouri Issues Dispensary Licenses

Missouri just released the winners of the 192 dispensary licenses. Based on our analysis of the winners, here’s what we know so far:

  • 85 entities were awarded the 192 licenses.
  • Grassroots OpCo MO, LLC was atop the leaderboard with six licenses. They appear to be affiliated with Illinois-based Greenhouse Group.
  • These entities won five licenses each:

            • Agri-Genesis LLC

            • BeLeaf Medical LLC

            • BMD

            • COMO HEALTH LLC

            • Heya

            • JG Missouri LLC

            • Missouri Health & Wellness, LLC

            • Nirvana Bliss

            • OXD

            • QPS Missouri Holdings, LLC

            • Shangri La

            • V3 MO

  • 43 companies scored two or more licenses and these companies took in 150 - or 78% - of the available licenses.
  • The Multi-State Operators won licenses, but not an astounding amount. Bloom Medicinals (4), Harvest (3), Columbia Care (1) and Verano (1).  Curaleaf and Cresco were each denied six licenses.
  • Noah’s Arc, an incumbent running a CBD-only license, was denied all five licenses that they applied for.

What's Next?

Due to the size of the Dispensary applicant pool, Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services is still preparing spreadsheets that reflect the level of detail in final score/rank that was provided for all other facility types. The Department expects to have this information posted the week of February 7.

After that we will invariably see lawsuits being filed as the program settles in.

You can review, track, and contact these licenses in the Cannabiz Media License Database. Schedule a demo to see how you can gain access to this information and insight.

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