POS Dashboards Now Available in the Cannabiz Media License Database

Cannabiz Media started tracking point-of-sale (POS) software usage in the U.S. cannabis industry several years ago with the release of the 2018 Point-of-Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry report. We conduct fresh research and update that report on an annual basis, and the fourth annual report was released in October 2021. However, we wanted to give Cannabiz Media License Database subscribers a way to conduct their own analyses using the POS vendor data. I’m happy to announce that the solution has been launched in the new POS Dashboards.

POS Dashboards are built directly into the Cannabiz Media License Database, so clients who add the feature to their subscriptions can have access to all of the information from the most current annual report at their fingertips. From there, they can conduct their own analyses of the POS software data and use it to make strategic business decisions.

Cannabis POS Dashboards
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What’s Included in the POS Dashboards?

The Cannabiz Media License Database offers three distinct POS Dashboards and one related Software Stack Dashboard that can be used for research and analysis:

1. POS Analysis Dashboard

The POS Analysis Dashboard provides an analysis of POS vendors so you can examine market share at the state level as well as at the medical vs. adult-use level. You can also filter down to specific states, POS vendors, and more to slice and dice the data further. This Dashboard is updated as data changes.

Cannabis POS Analysis Dashboard
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The POS Analysis Dashboard will be extremely helpful for sales research, particularly to determine which licenses use a particular POS software. In addition, the POS Analysis Dashboard can help with market research (e.g., learning which POS vendors have penetrated a certain state) so you can identify potential customers, business partners, or growth opportunities.

2. POS Timeline Dashboard

The POS Timeline Dashboard provides a timeline of POS vendors by state since October 2018. You can drill down to the state level to see yearly market penetration by vendor.

Cannabis POS Timeline Dashboard
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The POS Dashboard will be very useful for strategic planning and partnering. You can use it to track the history of various vendors and how market penetration has changed for each vendor on a state-by-state and year-by-year basis. The Dashboard reflects a snapshot in time, so the data is not updated.

3. POS Switches Dashboard

The POS Switches Dashboard provides information about vendor gains and losses as well as a table with all POS Switches from August 2020 through September 2021. You can view the data in a graph or table format.

Cannabis POS Switches Dashboard
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If you want to see which vendors gained and lost customers, then the POS Switches Dashboard is the quickest way to get the information you need. This Dashboard is highly effective for partnership analysis and market analysis. It provides a snapshot in time, so it’s not updated.

4. Cannabis Software Stack Dashboard

Another new and useful Dashboard related to the POS Dashboards is the Cannabis Software Stack Dashboard, which provides a list of METRC/Leaf Data System integrators. You can sort the data in this Dashboard by category, number of integrations, status, and states as of July 2021.

Cannabis Software Stack Dashboard
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The Cannabis Software Stack Dashboard makes it easy to identify the states that different types of vendors are doing business in. The data comes from Cannabiz Media’s comprehensive research for our Cannabis Software Stack report, and it’s updated on an as needed basis. 

Ready to Dive into the POS Software Data?

The POS Dashbards and Customer Software Stack Dashboard are available as an add-on to Cannabiz Media License Database subscriptions. Schedule a demo to see how the Cannabiz Media License Database and POS Dashboards can help you reach your business goals this year.

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