5 Speakers Investors Can’t Afford to Miss at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

Investors, advisors, and portfolio managers have good reason to be interested in the cannabis space. Billions of dollars of capital is flowing into cannabis businesses, and now that Canada is set to legalize the drug for adult recreational use, investors with different time horizons and goals should be investigating opportunities in the cannabis space.

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Toronto this August 16-17 offers a rare chance to survey the top investment opportunities in the space in a single day. Benzinga, a financial media company following the cannabis space, has curated a group of speakers who will inform investors about how they can align with entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities for returns in the cannabis investment space.

Read on to learn more about the five top cannabis investment speakers you need to see at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference:

1. Jeanne Sullivan, general partner, Arcview

Jeanne Sullivan is a veteran venture capital investor who found huge success investing in technology startups and has transitioned her focus to cannabis, which she calls the next growth industry.

“The sector is technical, science-based, and fascinating — and I’m able to use pattern recognition from [my] tech industry investing days,” She says. Learn more about Sullivan here.

2. Marc Lakmaaker, Aurora Cannabis

Marc Lakmaaker runs investor relations for Aurora Cannabis, which is one of the hottest companies in cannabis. Aurora just received more $250 million from BMO Capital Markets in a credit facility, and the loan is a sign that institutional capital is ready to make deals in the maturing cannabis industry.

Marc will discuss how he has worked with investors to grow Aurora to its current status, and how he plans to further scale the business.

3. Pradyum Sekar, Sail

Pradyum Sekar is CEO of Sail, a company that connects patients who need medical cannabis to doctors who can help them use cannabis to manage their conditions. Investors in Silicon Valley are paying attention to the company’s tech-based approach, and the company has spent the past year breaking into the US market from its Canadian core.

4. Annamaria Enejanor, Ruby Shiller & Enenajor, Barristers

Annamaria Enenajor is a leading cannabis lawyer with a focus on social justice implications of cannabis. She’ll highlight the potential social impacts of the cannabis industry that many investors haven’t thought of yet.

5. Tim Seymour, Triogem Asset Management & CNBC

Tim Seymour is an investment thought leader and CNBC market commentator who saw the value of cannabis investing before much of Wall Street. Investors will have the chance to see how Tim brought New York market intelligence to the cannabis industry and how his bets are playing out.

Meet the Cannabiz Media Team at the Conference

The Cannabiz Media team will be attending the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference and hopes to see you there! Stop by and visit them in the networking area where you can learn more about the Cannabiz Media License Database and how you can use it to improve your business intelligence, customer relationship management, marketing, and sales.

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