Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight: GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures

Businesses in a variety of industries depend on the Cannabiz Media License Database every day. GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, a division of FarmTek, is one of those businesses, and this month, I spoke with Creative Marketing Director Tania Tomoroga and Digital Marketing Manager Chris Machnich about how they use the Cannabiz Media License Database to support GrowSpan’s business objectives.

What is GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures?

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been in the growing and agricultural industry since 1979 and in the cannabis industry since the industry’s inception. GrowSpan is a greenhouse design, manufacturing, and installation company that provides a full suite of products to its customers, including greenhouses, the systems that go in the greenhouses, and any consulting and support its customers need.

Why Does GrowSpan Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

GrowSpan was an early subscriber to the Cannabiz Media Licenses Database after discovering it provided easy access to unique information. “With the Cannabiz Media Database, we could get information about all of the industry players in one place,” explains Tania. “It’s a one-stop-shop for the data we need for digital marketing, email marketing, prospecting, and more.”

Over the years that GrowSpan has been using the Cannabiz Media Licenses Database, their team has been able to boost conversions and save time. “It’s a great lead generator,” says Chris. “We have a good conversion on outreach from the database, and we save a lot of time. It would take a team of people to keep this type of information updated, but we can get it all from Cannabiz.”

Both Tania and Chris have been very happy with the customer service offered by the Cannabiz Media team. Tania shares, “If we ask a question, we get a response immediately, which is unique and very nice. Also, Cannabiz Media is always responsive to suggestions to change the database form to work with our business, so we can segment, download, and sort the data in special ways.”

How Does GrowSpan Use the Cannabiz Media License Database?

“We use the Cannabiz database for so many things – prospecting, retargeting, sales, business development, digital campaigns, advertising, telemarketing,” says Tania. “Every part of the company uses the database in some way.”

Chris shares, “Pulling lists is the best feature offered in the Cannabiz Media Database because we can do so much with it. If we want to target by region, we can pull a list of new cultivators in California or whatever we need.”

Tania explains that GrowSpan’s business development team is able to quickly and easily use the database for prospecting. “We can be proactive and call new licensees pre-emptively, and if we’re moving into a new area, such as a part of California,” says Tania, “we can pull data for that specific segment of people for emailing, calling, and setting up visits.”

For GrowSpan, the database provides more than a tool to find and connect with key people in the marijuana industry. Chris explains, “We also like that the Cannabiz Media Database allows you to reimagine how you’re doing business in your company, and it lets you see the data in new ways. The database opens new opportunities we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.”

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media and GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures?

The Cannabiz Media License Database has become a critical part of GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures’ strategic workflow, and with new features being added to the database, it’s a relationship that is positioned to grow well into the future.

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