Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – PeopleGuru

PeopleGuru is a cloud-based and cannabis-friendly human resources, payroll, human capital management, and technology provider focused primarily on the mid-market and high growth companies.

Cannabiz Media recently spoke with Robert Mohr, Cannabis Channel Manager, and Haley Hayes, Sales Executive, from PeopleGuru to learn more about how their team uses the Cannabiz Media License Database to support its sales and business growth initiatives.

Why Does PeopleGuru Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

PeopleGuru subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database for lead generation and sales development. Haley explains, “Cannabiz Media has been an integral part of our sales development program. We use it every day to track licenses, and it’s been a great tool.”

Specifically, the sales team at PeopleGuru uses a variety of features within the License Database to find targeted audiences of prospects and communicate with them effectively.

“The Cannabiz Media platform makes it super easy to filter and search,” says Haley. “For example, I can look for companies with over 100 employees in my specific target territories, and then, I can track all of their licenses. I can see who opened my email messages as well as the most recent activity and the most recent licenses.”

In addition, the Cannabiz Media License Database saves the team at PeopleGuru time by making it easy to learn about and reliably connect with the right prospects.

Robert shares, “The quality of the leads that are coming upstream are way better than the information we had prior to having access to the Cannabiz Media License Database. Before, it was really a crap shoot. I might get on a call and the prospect might be completely different than what I had imagined or saw on their website. But with the additional insight from the Cannabiz Media data, the Sales Development Group is really able to provide us valuable information along with targeted leads. All around, company-wide, the Cannabiz Media License Database has been a big benefit.”

What’s Next for PeopleGuru?

For PeopleGuru, the future will be focused on continuing to grow among mid-market and high growth cannabis companies. Monitoring and adapting to changing laws will continue to be an ongoing process.

“We have legal experts who monitor those types of activities,” Robert says. “Any changes that come down the pipe are fed into our development team, and depending on the level or required response time from the government, those changes are implemented in the system. We manage all of that for our clients. It’s a constant operational objective of PeopleGuru to push new releases, train our clients if necessary, and tell them how we’re keeping them compliant.”

With the possibility of the MORE Act and other federal laws being passed in the near future, the team at PeopleGuru is excited for the new opportunities a growing market will provide.

“When you look at some of our competitors, they’re reselling someone else’s technology,” Robert explains. “They don’t have a lot of control and ownership. With PeopleGuru, we own all of this technology. It’s developed by us. Everybody is a W2 PeopleGuru domestic employee. Nothing is outsourced or offshore. We own all of our APIs and have the ability to integrate with anything. Adding new code, adapting to changes – that’s just part of what we do on a daily basis. So we think there’s a lot to look forward to and only positive things can come from changes in banking regulations and the MORE Act.”

For more information about PeopleGuru and to hear additional insights from Robert Mohr and Haley Hayes, follow the link and listen to Cannabiz Media’s recent Cannacurio podcast episode featuring Robert and Haley as the special guests.

To learn more about how subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database can help your business like it helps the team at PeopleGuru, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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