Cannabiz Media Launches Cannabis and Hemp Business Verification API

For banks, creditors, and others that need to confirm business and state license information for cannabis and hemp companies, Cannabiz Media’s new Compliance Verification API provides the reliable, real-time data needed to meet legal requirements and make critical business decisions.

The Only Verification System of Its Kind for the Cannabis Industry

In simplest terms, the Compliance Verification API makes it quick and easy to access the most accurate license information and confirm the operating status and details of state-licensed cannabis and hemp businesses.

There is no faster way to get this type of information, and there is no more reliable way for financial institutions and other stakeholders to meet relevant compliance requirements.

Here’s How the Cannabis and Hemp Business Verification API Works

Cannabiz Media subscribers on the Business, Business+, and Enterprise plans with access to the Compliance Verification API can verify state cannabis and hemp business licenses and information without even logging into their Cannabiz Media accounts. The API was built to be simple and fast, allowing users to verify licenses within their own software of environment. In addition, a bulk request feature streamlines the process, so they don’t have to look up each cannabis or hemp business individually.

Imagine that a bank needs to verify the business interests for a number of cannabis or hemp industry client loan applications to ensure the information reported on the applications is accurate. What was once a difficult process and took a lot of research and time now takes just seconds with the Compliance Verification API. The bank simply pulls the state ID numbers from the client applications, enters them into their system, which is set up with the API, and pertinent details, such as license status, instantly populates.

Who Is the Cannabis and Hemp Business Verification API For?

Anyone who needs to quickly confirm a state-licensed cannabis or hemp business’ license and company details can benefit from Cannabiz Media’s new Compliance Verification API – lenders, investors, commercial real estate companies, and more. Even companies that want to ensure they’re working with licensed cannabis or hemp businesses across their supply chains can get the data and confirmations they need with the new API.

Leaf Trade, a wholesale marketplace between cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries, has been using the Cannabiz Media Compliance Verification API and has already experienced excellent results. “We use the verification API to automate our verification steps when setting up new buyers and sellers on our platform,” explains Leaf Trade Sr. Product Manager Andrew Graf. “The API is simple and straightforward, and we were able to build a successful integration in just a few days.”

Shield Compliance, a company focused on automating and improving the cannabis banking compliance process, has also had great results using the Compliance Verification API from Cannabiz Media. “We use the Compliance Verification API to conduct audits for our banking clients to provide priceless peace-of-mind that they’re building relationships with legitimate licensed businesses. It’s well worth the investment,” says Shield Compliance President and Chief Operating Officer Tony Repanich.

Request a Demo to See the Compliance Verification API in Action

You can learn more and see how the new Compliance Verification API works by following the link to schedule a free demo.

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