Check out the Improved Email Marketing Tool in the Cannabiz Media License Database

It’s been proven time and again that when businesses integrate CRM and email marketing, their results improve significantly. The Cannabiz Media License Database provides seamless CRM and email marketing integration, and now, that integration is even more powerful!

This week, Cannabiz Media released an update to its License Database that gives subscribers access to tools which make it easier than ever to find leads and turn them into clients. Keep reading to learn about some of the most exciting changes to the built-in email marketing tool that were introduced in this update.

Get Better Results

Performance optimization is a big part of the improved Cannabiz Media License Database email marketing tool. Not only can you review overall performance, including the best time of day to send your messages based on your prior sending results, but you can also optimize your send time using a new heat map and a recipient-based Send Time Optimization tool.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Performance Overview

The Send Time Optimization tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically deliver your campaign to each recipient at a time that’s perfect for them. You can optimize delivery over a 1-, 2- or 3-day period to maximize your response rate.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Send Tools

Another great new feature that you won’t find in any other email marketing tool is the campaign comparison chart. This tool takes your email campaign and tracks it against others to help you optimize your results. You can compare your campaign against:

  • Your previous campaigns
  • All campaigns sent through the License Database by all Cannabiz Media users
  • Your industry category competitors (e.g., other POS companies)
  • The location you targeted
  • The activity you targeted (e.g., dispensing, cultivation, and so on)

Land in More Inboxes

When you send an email message using the updated Cannabiz Media License Database, you’ll have a better chance than ever of getting your messages into people’s inboxes. That’s because the Cannabiz Media team built deliverability flags into the new email marketing tool, which tracks over a dozen deliverability warnings depending on the content of your message.

These deliverability warnings are very specific and include things like checking your DNS set up, ensuring any templated boilerplate text has been replaced with your own copy, looking for CAN-SPAM requirements like physical address, and more.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Campaign Warnings

Be More Creative and Consistent

With this week’s launch, Cannabiz Media License Database subscribers can access the extended email campaign template library, which now includes 33 professionally-designed templates to choose from. The design of your email messages is an important part of branding, and the extensive template library will make it easier for you to match your email message design to your brand identity.

In addition, the new and improved License Database allows you to save your own email messages as templates, so you can quickly build new messages in the future with automatic brand consistency.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Template

Identify Hot Leads and Critical Information Instantly

Cannabiz Media built an improved dashboard in the License Database that makes it easy for you to see the most important information about your email campaigns instantly, so you can strategically invest your marketing budget.

As an example, the email dashboard shows your most engaged recipients directly on your screen based on how often they opened your messages or clicked on links within those messages. With this information at your fingertips, you can immediately follow up with them via email, phone, or social media directly from that screen!

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Hot Leads

There is no need to open another screen or another tool, which will save you so much time in the future as you work to convert your hottest leads into customers. As Cannabiz Media customer, Taylor Jones of Blackbird, said, “The biggest value add is it’s a time saver, and time is the most valuable asset you have in sales.”

Track More and Make Better Decisions

The latest update also makes it easier to track your email marketing results on a more granular level. You can see campaign performance by recipient and sort results by criteria like opened, clicked, and so on to easily find your hottest prospects, and follow up with them right from there.

Want to see what topics people who received your email messages have shown the most interest in so you can craft similar messages and push them further through the marketing funnel? Just review your tracking data to see the links that got the most clicks! This data makes it so much easier to decide the types of campaigns and messages to create in the future in order to optimize your results.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Links Clicked

Furthermore, the License Database updates give you more tracking data so you can use the performance of past campaigns to shape your future email marketing strategies. At a glance, you’re able to see how your past campaigns performed and compare one or more specific campaigns using powerful filtering options.

For instance, you could choose to see all of your previous campaigns that got a 20% or higher open rate or click rate. Based on the open and/or click rate, you can assume these were popular campaigns, and sending similar campaigns in the future could be a smart decision.

Get Things Done Faster

When you can get to the tools you need faster, you’re more productive, efficient, and the return on your marketing investments increases as your costs go down. Time is money after all.

With that in mind, the newest version of the Cannabiz Media License Database provides easier access to tools in the left sidebar. Just click to quickly navigate anywhere you need to go.

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Navigation

And So Much More

There are so many powerful features packed into the new and improved Cannabiz Media License Database. The Cannabiz Media team has also built in some features that subscribers have been asking for. Some of these popular features include:

  • Draft a campaign before choosing your distribution list
  • Give each campaign a unique name separate from its subject line
  • Categorize campaigns by like products, events, sales representative, etc.
  • Set a separate Reply To email address from the original sender
  • Import distribution lists as well as manually add or delete individual recipients as needed

Cannabiz Media License Database V6 Email Settings

Bottom-line, these updates give you everything you need to connect with cannabis and hemp license holders in the United States and international markets so you can grow your business.

Get Started with the New and Improved Cannabiz Media License Database for CRM and Email Marketing

If you already subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database, then you can start using the new features to get better email marketing results right now. The Cannabiz Media team is offering online training on the new features. Email if you would like to participate in one of these training sessions so you can leverage the new features and improve your email marketing results.

And if you haven’t seen the Cannabiz Media License Database in action yet, now is the time to schedule a demo and subscribe so you can connect with cannabis and hemp license holders and increase your sales and revenue.

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