Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – Nexus

For over 50 years, Nexus has been designing and manufacturing innovative greenhouses for commercial and residential markets. Today, the company - now known as Prospiant - is well-known for its high quality products and top-notch customer service. Nexus subscribes to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform in order to build recognition of its brand and increase sales to marijuana cultivators.

I spoke with David Laverty, Director of Specialty Markets for Nexus, to learn more about how Nexus leverages the data, marketing, business intelligence, and customer relationship management tools offered in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.

What is Nexus?

All of the greenhouses from Nexus are designed by its team of licensed engineers and are manufactured in the company’s two facilities located in the United States. Its greenhouses are used by commercial growers, retail garden centers, universities, high schools, botanical gardens, residences, and research, biotech and wastewater facilities. In recent years, marijuana cultivators across the country have become another important market for Nexus.

“The cannabis industry has gone well for us,” says David. “Nexus is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. We focus on building high quality greenhouses for serious cultivators, and cannabis cultivators know they’ll get a great product from us.”

Nexus designs and delivers complete greenhouse solutions to its customers – from the structure to the heating and cooling, coverings, environmental controls, benching, doors, curtains, lighting, irrigation, and more. In other words, the company covers the entire greenhouse development process including construction.

Why Does Nexus Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

Nexus subscribed to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to enhance its marketing strategy. “The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform has been a tremendous help to our sales and marketing efforts,” shares David. “As the cannabis market gets more competitive, having access to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is very important to us.”

The partnership between Nexus and Cannabiz Media has given David and his team new ways to find and connect with key cannabis industry players. David explains, “The data that Cannabiz Media has is great. The targeting features are a game-changer and give us the ability to get laser-focused in our efforts, which we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. We’ve had a steady response rate to the email communications we’ve sent using the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform so far.”

Nexus also uses the Database to support its on-the-ground promotional efforts. “The Cannabiz Database is very specific and lets us connect with the right people in a state-focused way that we can’t do with any other promotional tool,” shares David.

Nexus uses a variety of the features in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, but the features David likes the most are the sorting and filtering options related to targeting. “Zooming in for targeting is the best feature,” says David. “For example, one of the laser-targeted campaigns we sent using the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform resulted in a very large-scale project. That’s one way I think Cannabiz Media is spectacular!”

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media and Nexus?

In the future, Nexus will continue to use the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. “We’ll continue to work with Cannabiz Media and find new ways to leverage the data to support our business growth goals,” shares David. At the same time, the Cannabiz Media team will be hard at work keeping all of the data in the Database up to date and accurate while introducing new features that will enhance the way Nexus and all of the Database’s subscribers use it to build their businesses and meet their goals.

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