Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – PMG Development

PMG Development is a land development and financial resource company originally founded in 1997. Today, the company works with clients located across the country and in numerous industries from its Denver, Colorado home office. In the cannabis and hemp industries, PMG Development has been providing capital resourcing, land development, and application services since 2015.

On the financial resourcing side of its business, PMG Development is affiliated with a number of hedge funds, PPMs, REITs, and high net-worth individuals who invest in a variety of industries, including cannabis. On the land development side, PMG helps clients with deal structuring, capital sourcing, full development services including land acquisition, entitlements, architecture, engineering, and more.

PMG Development Vice President and Partner Danny Pomirchy explains, “We offer a turnkey solution for companies and individuals who are looking to start or expand their business in commercial cannabis or with traditional real estate opportunities, including multi- and single-family, mixed-use, commercial, etc.”

Why Does PMG Development Subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform?

“We work with people nationwide who are starting or expanding their cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary facilities by adding licenses, developing new commercial buildings and manufacturing plants, and more,” shares Danny. “We use the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform for marketing and to research licenses and businesses, and we’ve generated a significant number of leads from it.”

Since PMG Development offers services that benefit businesses across the cannabis supply chain, the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform provides a wealth of information to help the team develop targeted marketing campaigns that maximize return on investment (ROI).

One of the features Danny’s team finds most useful in their marketing efforts is state license filtering, which allows them to quickly and easily research ownership details and contact information.

“We sent our first email marketing message using the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to about 1,500 people, and we got 20-25 email replies and tons of calls within 24 hours,” says Danny. “That response led to a handful of really solid leads. We were very impressed, and now, we use the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform as a core part of our sales process.”

PMG Development uses the tools included in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform to send messages to highly targeted cannabis business license holders. “It’s great that it’s easy to remove companies from our campaigns that we’ve already contacted,” Danny explains. “The Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is a well-managed, comprehensive tool that has saved us a lot of time. The data is timely, and it’s great to see new licenses added on an ongoing basis so we can target new leads.”

Danny ranks the ability to generate new sales leads and the amount of efficiency gained and time saved as some of the main reasons why PMG Development continues to subscribe to the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. He says, “It would take so much time for our sales people to get all of the information in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform. We’ve seen a high ROI thanks to Cannabiz Media.”

What’s Next for PMG Development?

When it comes to the future, PMG Development will continue to grow its traditional and cannabis business clientele. “Our company has a long history and a team with corporate experience, advanced degrees, and highly professional backgrounds,” explains Danny. “We’re finally starting to see a shift in the cannabis industry with more companies being structured similarly to PMG Development – honest and credible companies that follow all MED rules, regulations, and requirements while focusing on long-term, organic growth.”

Danny shares some insights into the near-term future of PMG Development saying, “We’re already helping clients who want to add on distribution facilities to adequately support new cannabis distribution laws coming in January 2020, and we’re actively working with a number of low-rate financing providers for businesses in need of capital from more traditional sources.”

As PMG Development continues its efforts to support both traditional and cannabis/hemp businesses, the Cannabiz Media team will work to ensure the information in the Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform is always as accurate as possible. As a result, PMG Development and all subscribers will have the opportunity to maximize leads, sales, and ROI.

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