Ed Keating of Cannabiz Media to Speak at the Emerging Maine Market Event

Cannabiz Media Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer Ed Keating will speak at The Emerging Maine Market event in Portland, Maine on March 19, 2020. The event is the first of the Cannabis Sessions series presented by Nucleus One, a cannabis consulting company based in Portland.

The event will feature multiple speakers who will address topics of interest to help educate people who are considering market opportunities in Maine where both medical and adult-use cannabis are legal. Furthermore, attendees will learn about some of the trends from across the country’s legal cannabis industry.

To that end, the Emerging Maine Market event will feature several panels with packed with experienced industry professionals discussing topics related to three key areas of interest:

  • Cannabis business licensing and business planning
  • Accounting, finance, and taxes for cannabis businesses
  • Market and sales analytics for the cannabis industry

As the state of Maine prepares to issue adult-use cannabis licenses in 2020, sales are expected to start strong based on the growth previously seen in other states. This translates into business opportunities across the supply chain.

However, effective business planning, financial and sales management, and operational excellence will be critical as competition increases. Each panel during the event will help attendees learn how to navigate and be successful in this capital intensive and highly-regulated industry.

The Emerging Maine Market event was created for people already in the industry as well as for anyone who is interested in joining the industry.

Attendees will have opportunities to learn from experts who’ve been in the industry and understand how it works, which will help entrepreneurs move quickly in Maine and avoid pitfalls experienced in other states. In addition, they’ll have a chance to meet and network with industry leaders – both speakers and other attendees – during the half-day event.

Speakers are cannabis industry veterans from a variety of areas of expertise and experience, including:

  • Erik Gunderson: Director of The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy
  • Ed Keating: Chief Data Officer of Cannabiz Media
  • Hannah King: Attorney at Drummond Woodsum LLP and member of the Maine Marijuana Advisory Commission
  • Steve Monacelli: Director of Restivo Manacelli LLP, tax expert, and cannabis business adviser
  • Kate Senzamici: Manager at BDS Analytics
  • John Sprague: Partner at Ed Davis Co., a physical security solutions and risk management company

Some of the topics that will be covered during the panels include license applications and what applicants need to be successful, Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Service Code and its impact on the industry, how Maine’s cannabis market compares to other states, data and trends in the cannabis industry related to licensing, sales, products, and more.

Cannabiz Media’s Ed Keating will bring deep knowledge to his panel about what’s happening, not just in Maine’s cannabis market, but across the country and internationally. “The Maine market is unique with only a few licenses and many caregivers,” explains Ed. “Using the data from the Cannabiz Media License Database, the panel I participate in will expand attendees’ knowledge by showing them what’s going on in the rest of the nation.”

The Emerging Maine Market event presented by Nucleus One will be held at O’Maine Studio at 54 Danforth Street in Portland, Maine from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Registration is just $50, and tickets are being sold through Eventbrite here.

Can’t Make It to the Event but Want to Learn More about Cannabis Licensing?

If you can’t make it to the event but still want to learn about the Cannabiz Media License Database and how to use it to grow your business as part of the cannabis market in Maine, across the U.S., or internationally, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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