Expanded Solutions Delivered By Cannabiz Media

The Cannabiz Media License Tracking Database is constantly evolving. Rolling out an updated platform just this week, the newest features provide immeasurable value to subscribers. These new features include:

  • Lists to create and manage sales territories
  • Email Campaign creation, distribution, and tracking
  • Drip Campaigns to continually connect with new audiences
  • Smart Exports to reduce downloading duplicate records
  • Targeted daily alerts based on saved Lists
  • Added filters and search capabilities including Grow Environment
  • Ability to add users to one subscription
  • Intuitive navigation

Get Familiar With The Updated Platform

It Began With A Setback

Like most great ideas, it all began when Cannabiz Media received a startling message - its MailChimp account had been suspended without warning. As many businesses are experiencing, being an organization linked to the cannabis industry ultimately means that the subject matter of these email messages falls outside of the acceptable terms of service for many email service providers.

With strict cannabis industry advertising laws in place, email marketing is a necessity for any marijuana-related business. It became clear that Cannabiz Media was not alone in its struggle to find a safe place to manage its email communications. The mission was clear: reimagine the License Tracking Database to marry the need to gather leads with the ability to connect with them all from a single platform.

Dynamic Solutions

The Email Campaign feature itself rivals that of dedicated email service providers by coming equipped with spam testing, analytics, the ability to manage drip campaigns, and built-in links to opt-out. The beauty of it is that users have the freedom to work within the email platform of their choosing, meaning campaigns can be branded containing graphics, links, and beyond. But it did not stop there. Once the ball was rolling the Cannabiz Media development team quickly realized that the introduction of Email Campaigns required additional features as a foundation such as the ability to group target audiences into saved Lists, have additional team members able to access the system, and more. This rollout delivers solutions across the board making the Cannabiz Media License Tracking Database a one-stop solution for lead generation and marketing.

Alongside these new features, new subscription plans were also introduced to fit varying organization sizes and needs. For more information, visit the Cannabiz Media website where you can see the features in action, review the subscriptions, and schedule a demo of the platform.

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