Have Cannabiz Media Create Targeted Emails For You

You’ve heard of do-it-yourself, but have you heard of do-it-for-me? Let us introduce do-it–for-me email marketing, available to users of the Cannabiz Media Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform.

Maybe your team is stretched t h i n. Maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you don’t have a true expert and are stumbling around to send email campaigns. Maybe you’re not confident in your creative skills to build a beautiful email. That’s ok, leave it to us! After all, we know the data and how to work with it better than anyone.

How It Works

The process is simple and only takes a matter of days to start getting your emails out. Here’s what you can expect when working with one of our email architects:

  1. Discovery call with our team to understand your brand, goals, and struggles.
  2. Review of our recommended strategy for who to reach and what to say.
  3. Our team segments your target audience into distribution lists and sets up a custom four-part email series that ultimately bubbles your most qualified leads to the surface, ripe for the picking.

The key here is that this is an email marketing service. Not an email sales service. Our goal is to lay the groundwork with marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to find out which among them are your sales qualified leads (SQLs), therefore freeing your team up to focus on converting those SQLs.

The most surprising element is how affordable this service is. For only $150 clients receive two-hours with our email architect to begin tackling the steps detailed above. For continued expertise or if your strategy is robust and takes longer to execute, the same hourly rate applies. In today’s job market, a price tag like that makes this service a much more economical option than hiring your own email marketing specialist as a freelancer or employee.

As an added bonus, Cannabiz Media adds an extra 1,000 emails/month to your quota throughout the duration of working with our email architect. That’s how much we believe in our team to succeed on your behalf!

Meet One of Our Email Architects

If you have experience with Cannabiz Media, you probably already recognize Cole. But did you know that Cole was actually a Cannabiz Media client before joining the team?

Cole’s experience combines 20 years in digital marketing, 5 years in the cannabis industry, and 3 years as a Cannabiz Media power user. Her belief in Cannabiz Media’s platform, intelligence, and what it can do for businesses looking to expand within the cannabis industry is what led her to this role and makes her the ideal email architect for our clients.

The Reviews Are In

Don’t take our word for it! Cannabiz Media customers are winning from this service and are not shy about their results. Here’s what they have to say.

“We were having trouble with everything from conception to structure to messaging,” says Patrick Grenier of Proce Pack. “After asking Cannabiz Media to ‘do-it-for-us’, our open rates among cold leads shot up to 40%. And the best part is it wasn’t one-and-done. We’ve been able to maintain that open rate by continuing to leverage the messages and cadence that were built for us.”

Key Takeaways

For six years, Cannabiz Media’s award-winning email marketing platform boasted the one-two punch of both built-in mailing lists as well as best-in-class email design capabilities, distribution tools, and analytics. But the missing link that now makes this platform the total package for those leveraging email marketing within the cannabis industry — email creation services.

If you want to learn more about the Cannabiz Media Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform, its built-in email marketing tool, or do-it-for-me email creation services, contact us to book a demo. If you are an existing Cannabiz Media client, email us at accountmanager@cannabiz.media and simply ask, “Can you do it for me?

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