Marijuana License Alerts Now Available from Cannabiz Media

This week, Cannabiz Media launched its newest product, Marijuana License Alerts. Subscribers can receive daily or weekly email messages filled with actionable marijuana license information from the Cannabiz Media database of over 10,000 cultivator, producer, dispensary, and retailer licenses.

At launch, Marijuana License Alerts are used by sales, marketing, investing, and research professionals who need current and accurate data about marijuana licenses to make decisions and do their jobs.


Marijuana License Alerts from Cannabiz Media include six features that are essential to keep up with the cannabis industry:

1. Export

Subscribers to Marijuana License Alerts can export data and quickly share it with their sales teams who can quickly follow up on leads. They can also import the data into their customer relationship software programs to streamline sales activities.

2. People

Subscribers at the Gold Tier level get exclusive access to information about specific contacts at firms holding marijuana licenses.

3. New Licenses

Subscribers are notified through their alerts when new licenses are added and in which states making it easy to keep up with marijuana licenses in many states at the same time.

4. License Updates

Over 40 data fields are tracked in Marijuana License Alerts, so subscribers learn when key license information changes in the timeliest way possible.

5. Social Connections

Marijuana business’ social media activities are appended to the Cannabiz Media database, and subscribers receive relevant social information.

6. News

Cannabiz Media shares its original marijuana license content and editorially selects useful articles about licensed businesses and licensing trends for subscribers.

Tiered Pricing

Three subscription tiers are available to receive Marijuana License Alerts. The base, Bronze subscription provides weekly alerts about new licenses with export capability for subscribers.

The Silver, mid-tier subscription provides the same alerts and features as the Bronze tier along with any license changes and all alerts are provided on a daily basis rather than a weekly basis.

The Gold tier subscription offers all of the features of the Silver tier as well as contact information for key people and social connection insights. This additional data is extremely valuable to sales teams, investors, regulators, and strategic business decision-makers.

The Future

Cannabiz Media has deployed powerful technology and resources to track all of the marijuana license data across the country. Using this technology, Cannabiz Media quickly distributes the data to people who need it to seize opportunities and thwart risks in the evolving marijuana industry. In fact, the Cannabiz Media database is the most comprehensive and up-to-date U.S. marijuana licensing database available.

Marijuana License Alerts deliver critical yet hard to find data and information to people who need it in a timely manner in order to do their jobs and operate efficiently and effectively in the marijuana economy.

Cannabiz Media will add more features to the Alerts product in the future, but you can subscribe now for a subscription fee as low as $50 per month.

To learn more, see a sample alert, and subscribe to receive alerts on a daily or weekly basis, visit now.

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