What to Post on "Twitter" (and Examples of Cannabis Companies Mastering It)

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, Twitter (now X) has emerged as a powerhouse platform, not just for individuals, but for businesses too. With its vast user base of 528.3 millions active monthly users, and real-time communication capabilities, X offers a unique opportunity for companies to elevate their brand presence, engage with their audience, and foster meaningful connections.

Plus, earlier this year X took measures to relax their Cannabis Ads policy in certain US states, allowing advertisers to promote cannabis-related content for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services. This was the largest step forward by any social media platform to create more opportunities for responsible cannabis marketing - and going forward, certified advertisers may feature packaged cannabis products in ad creative. They may also continue responsibly linking to their owned and operated web pages and e-commerce experiences for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services.

However, navigating the nuances of X for businesses can be daunting. In this blog post, we will unravel effective strategies, providing actionable insights inspired by successful cannabis companies, to help you harness the full potential of X for your enterprise.

1. Thoughtful Insights

Establishing thought leadership is pivotal on X. Companies can share insightful tweets, opinions, and industry trends, showcasing their expertise. For instance, @berner415 (the Founder and CEO of @cookiesglobal) crafts tweets that provide valuable content, positioning themselves as authorities in the field and resonating with their audience.

2. Elevate Engagement with Questions

A great way to increase organic engagement is by simply asking a question. But an excellent way to super charge this is by implementing the use of X polls. They effortlessly prompt interaction as users can cast their votes with a simple click; plus, X's algorithm takes notice, amplifying your post's reach and increasing visibility. When utilizing polls, it's crucial to select pertinent topics. Asking questions not only encourages participation but also provides insights into your audience, and @CannabisTU does a great job of asking a simple question that is sure to resonate with their audience resulting in increased engagement.

3. Visual Storytelling

In the fast-paced X environment, visual content stands out. Sharing images, videos, and infographics can provide a glimpse into your company's culture. Brands like @charlottesweb utilize this strategy effectively, sharing visually appealing content from their various products, events, customer experiences and even their partnership with the @MLB, captivating their audience and creating an authentic connection.

4. Success Stories

Condensing success stories into tweets or concise snippets can showcase your company's impact effectively. Highlighting achievements and positive feedback from clients exemplifies your value proposition. @philips_lights, for instance, crafts tweet threads that narrate how their solutions transformed businesses, painting a vivid picture of what their product can accomplish.

5. Leverage Trending Topics

X stands as the ultimate social media platform for discovering "what's currently unfolding." The beauty of it lies in the inclusivity it offers, permitting everyone to partake in conversations and leverage trending topics to boost their presence. Tailored to your location and industry, X diligently curates the most current events. With trending topics evolving daily, you're presented with a plethora of options. Seize the opportunity to engage in discussions that provide value to your specific audience. This approach not only fosters heightened X engagement but also elevates your brand image when you share quality content on these subjects. @marijuanamoment exemplifies this approach, consistently tweeting about news, trends, and analyses, establishing themselves as a go-to source for credible information.

Hot Tips

Below are a few hot tips that you should also be incorporating to help you truly excel on X:

  • Limit to 1-2 hashtags per Tweet
  • Keep your copy short and sweet
  • Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible
  • Test your tweet times


X's dynamic environment offers endless possibilities for businesses. By crafting thoughtful tweets, humanizing your brand through employee engagement, incorporating visual storytelling, sharing success stories, and staying updated with industry trends, your business can thrive on X. Embrace these strategies, tailor them to your brand's unique voice, and watch as your X presence transforms into a vibrant hub of engagement, connection, and influence in the digital sphere.

If you are wanting a more sales-centric X marketing guide, check out this post on twitter marketing for cannabis license holders, and this one that is all about advertising your cannabis business on X. Or perhaps you are wondering when and how often you should post? This article covers all of that for B2B cannabis brands.

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